Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 64


2013 - 28 October - My Diary

Sessions with Thor my Viking Slave and returning to Edinburgh

Last week was truly demanding of my energy and time. It was time to dominate Slave Thor my Viking . He arrived on Wednesday afternoon for the first of his 2 specially extended sessions and made his departure on Thursday afternoon well striped tender and smiling contentedly. I secured him in the suspension frame for endless flogging with my soft lambskin flogger. His nipples wore steel clamps and when I wasn’t strapping, spanking or caning his ample bottom he was forced to wear very sissy frilly satin knickers.


Thor is my True Leather Slave and he is so totally devoted and obedient that I can now dress him up in any way I wish to amuse myself. He stands very tall and towers high above me but I always insist that his head shall never be higher than mine and that his place is beneath the hem of my skirt or beneath the soles of my boots. I can ride him as my pony, crush him beneath my riding boots, smother him with my jodhpur covered bottom. Sit upon his back as if he was a piece of furniture and force him to suck upon my huge black strap on cock. He truly is a most obedient Slave any dominant Lady could wish for.


I have good news for my devoted Scots after being away from Edinburgh for so many months this year, I have now booked the fabulous Mews Cottage for a week from 2nd December and am looking forward to giving the Gladiator a very warm welcome with my cane and heavy paddles, Slave Caro will be in attendance and when not wearing Slave’s attire will be dressing up as Glam Aunty Carolyn. Alas Wilma my most elderly of Sissy Maids has now retired so who will take Wilma’s place amongst the chosen few? Will it be Sandy in petticoats, naughty knicker thief, or the very spankable Dodger? There is only one Wilma and while Wilma’s satin dresses hang in my wardrobe sadly attracting the moths it is now time to transform new Sissies and welcome new novices to my unique special personal world of domination.


Enjoy your retirement my dear sweet special Sissy and cock an ear in early December to catch some of the smacks and cracks and sighs and grunts as those Scots both young and old return to me for their special time to be in tune with me, their English Rose of Domination.

Your Expert Dominatrix