Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 65


Spanking my way to Edinburgh

How I adore spanking bare botties over my knee, between my thighs, across a chair ,on the edge of a bed, secured upright in suspension, bent over the punishment bench etc. There are so many varied positions for spanking and I must have tried them all this year. It really has been a truly brilliant year of spanking. Now I am preparing for my week of strict spanking up north in Edinburgh. It has been a while since I was dominating my devoted Scots and with Slave in Tune eager to kiss my JJD tawse, Dolce pleading innocence for stealing my silk knickers, Gladiator begging forgiveness for visiting another dominant in my absence! How dare he? I guarantee it shall be a week of tears, glowing botties and scorching searing stripes.


Tartan kilted Sandy will be out with me shopping under public scrutiny on George Street and Princes Street. We will be wearing our Royal Stuart tartans with crisp frilly petticoats for Sandy and long swishing leather skirt and boots for me. There really is no other city quite like Edinburgh. Sissy Poppy will attend to my needs dressed up in fabulous red and black Sissy Maid uniform but will suffer for me over my knee, beneath me and always at the hem of my skirt with head bowed wearing very sissy shoes, stockings and bloomers.

I insist that everyone kisses my cane in Edinburgh and in Lancashire. But it is only the Scots who are brave enough to kiss my JJD Tawse and actually plead on bended knees for a further 6! Slave in Tune is certainly a very unique special Slave and perhaps on this visit I can persuade him to show you all exactly how we get into position for his cruel hand strapping. Of course you want to see my facial expressions and my hand strapping skills but I do feel you must see into the eyes of my Brave hearted Slave in Tune.

Glam Aunty Caro will meet me at Waverley Station on bended knee with red rose. I shall of course be dressed up in all of my scarlet, tartan and leather finery and as I step onto the platform from the First Class Carriage I shall bask in the adoration of my most devoted Scot of all. My dearest Caro who remains faithful and true and even sings “my love is like a red red rose” on the journey to BDSM Cottage in the sporty car wearing vintage tweed leather and fur trimmed ensemble, seamed stockings and high heels and of course those tan leather gauntlets. We shall enjoy the theatre and restaurants and of course afternoon tea on my final weekend. First it is time to prepare for another Sissy Spanking session in Lancashire and a teasing and control of my Slave Collar in the suspension frame.

No rest for this Wicked Lady!

Madame Margi

Spanking my way north to Edinburgh