Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 67


Tenth anniversary of Madame Margi


How time flies by so quickly when I am busy spanking, trampling, teasing and caning on a weekday and travelling most weekends. Can it really be ten years since I placed that advertisement on UK Mistress website without actually knowing what I was letting myself in for? It was February 14th 2004 on Valentine’s day and I selected a dominant image of myself wearing black leather. My intention was to sell my worn lingerie and offer email training. My world was turned upside down literally when I was inundated with emails from stunned subs, masochists and sissy maids all wanting to serve me in person. After the first week everything fell into place accordingly and domination became second nature to me. It is little wonder that my nickname was Miss Whiplash when I worked at an engineering company as a secretary. I certainly never had any difficulty getting a macho man to assist with my filing, photocopying or making me a cup of tea. I have since used my past experiences to become the strict Office Boss for one of my realistic scenarios and you can still enjoy scenes from my DVDs in this very realistic role.

Since February 2004, I have spanked thousands of bare bottoms and given out thousands of searing red scarlet stripes. I have also travelled to many different cities world wide including Sydney Australia. My hundreds of devoted slaves in regular service have become good friends and you can enjoy photos and movies of the bravest ones who have given their permission to appear with me for your amusement and pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who has constantly supported me over the years. Thanks for all the gifts you have so generously given to me. I now have such a vast leather, latex and pvc wardrobe with shoes and boots and vintage lingerie and gloves and hats to match that my house is literally bursting at the seams but it does smell divine. Since I was asked to be a strict Aunt for a session this role has truly taken off for me and hence this is now my most favourite role which suits my maturity and natural dominance. My skills in cp improve daily much to the dismay of some wimps and delight of my masochists. I have acquired a truly fabulous collection of implements and bdsm toys and my latest item of medical table is yet to be used. So shall I delve once more into the roles of Strict Doctor and nurse or should I just be my natural dominant self wearing leather and stiletto boots in charge of you all and truly always on top.