Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 68



Another busy week almost behind me which continues this afternoon in my Lancashire BDSM house of pain and pleasure. I do enjoy being seductively sadistic. Nothing is quite like pulling on a pair of sensitive nipples and then clamping them with my steel nipple jewellery connected by a shiny metal chain which I can then tug at to my heart's content. Rubber tipped pegs attached to those tender bits between the legs, pinching at the taut skin and attaching as many as possible, after rubbing some deep heat in of course. It is stinging nettle season and my how they are growing quickly in my garden. After some teasing with a bunch of these I apply some freezing cold ice followed by burning hot wax. Would anyone really wish to escape my sensual sadistic touch? Of course not.


Now I have a purpose made medical and punishment table to secure my Slaves, Sissies, Playthings, Pets and Toys and masochists. I can strap them down as tightly as possible and there really is no escape. Down onto their knees they grovel at the hem of my skirt begging to kiss my boots before I turn them onto their fronts with bottom raised and once again strapped down securely to play my wickedly cruel game of guess the strap!! Oh the joy for me when I hear those whimpers and cries and see how beautifully red and purple and blue their raised botties have become. You can see me play this game on my new Art of MM double DVD set now available.

I am delighted with my birthday gifts from Slaves worldwide and in particular the medical/punishment table, DD strap and Smother Box. I shall be away on holiday in France from 22 May until 2nd June celebrating my birthday. Devoted Scots in Edinburgh will be kissing my cane on 6th to 12th June then I shall be wearing my very best dramatic outfit of all to dazzle and stun the crowds at Royal Ascot on 18th June. I shall always continue to strive to be the best there is in BDSM because I truly do put my heart and soul into domination for your benefit. I have discovered I can use 2 whips at once to create a very even criss cross of stripes on a bare back. Oh the sadistic pleasure I attain while giving you all my attention. I invite you to enjoy my skills and devotion in Lancashire, Edinburgh or Paris.

Madame Margi
Giving my heart and soul to dominate you