Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 69


2014 - August Diary

Summertime sessions, Edinburgh. Ascot and Paris

I am on holiday this week in a private apartment on the outskirts of Paris. I delayed my annual Summer holiday this year which usually takes place in hot July. I have been extremely busy in my home BDSM Base in Lancashire during July and early August. My devoted Slaves and Sissies travelled far and wide from America, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for the rare opportunity to sessions with me for hours while the temperature was raised and the sun shone brightly during this year’s classic English Summertime. I previously announced my plans for the blooming month of June with a week in Edinburgh for lots of strict cp sessions and the public humiliation of Sandy in pretty petticoats. I pushed the limits of my Slave in Tune with strict accurate strokes of my Scots tawse and enjoyed the sensual delights of using my hand made in Scotland unique Queening stool. Even in Edinburgh I had visits from Slaves far and wide where a few hundred miles is easily cast aside in his need to serve me.

Royal Ascot in mid June was a truly memorable experience. I enjoyed tremendous fun while dressed up in Summery shades of blue in an elegant outfit bought for me by my most elderly admirer last year in Sydney Australia. The sun shone brightly on the race course and I was delighted to have chosen a winner in The Fugue. Fellow picnickers joined me and my companion Glam Aunty Caro for a glass of champagne and exotic nibbles while her Majesty rode past in her escorted carriage. I have always had a passion for horses and this was my perfect day with an opportunity to dress up in elegant style and watch such noble creatures racing swiftly encouraged by a tap of a crop and whip and spurs. How I envied those jockeys who rode them so expertly.

I left Aunt Caro at St Pancras and took the Eurostar to Gare du Nord Paris where I remained for a short weekend. I returned here a week ago and will be once again flying to Manchester next Tuesday 26th August. My July sessions were very enjoyable and with the extra time booked with each appointment I had time to show my Slaves from overseas the hidden treasures of my local Lancashire area with lunch of Lancashire Hotpot for the Viking Thor and dinner of locally caught cod for K of America. I always enjoy renewing my deep enthusiasm for my BDSM sessions and it is my intention now to create more interaction between myself and my Slaves. My latest DVD collection in the Art of MM series which shows me in live action prompted me to notice that my Sissies and Slaves enduring heavy punishments torments and even sensual service of my stocking clad legs wasn’t creating enough response. My most enjoyable session of all during July was the short visit of my devoted Gladiator. Why is he the only one who actually begs for more stripes of my cane with such enthusiasm and mischievous laugh who even takes the trouble to thank me for each accurately brandished stroke? I am well aware that everyone of you is totally different but please do arrive carrying a small gift as token of your admiration and devotion of me, take note of what I am wearing and give me a much appreciated compliment, I am sure you will soon become relaxed in my company when I smile at your thoughtfulness rather than scowl because you choose to ignore me. It takes two to Tango and I am always working as hard as I possibly can to encourage that deeply felt genuine reaction from you whether it is what you say when you see me, how you feel when draped over my lovely firm thighs gazing at my high heels and slender ankles or when offered pain from my strap you take it into your hands and kiss is with deep affection. I want interaction from you all for the best in domination where limits are pushed furthest and if you should hear me sing or whistle then you know how much you have made me happy. Your pain is for my pleasure and my smile and sounds of laughter are your reward for being totally under my control.

Madame Margi
Aiming for more interaction