Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 7


A wicked weekend in Cologne


All went according to plan as I stepped from the plane on Friday evening with yet another overweight suitcase of outfits, thigh high boots, gags, whips and wigs. Snoop whisked me away for a late evening meal before ensuring I was checked into my hotel for the weekend. At breakfast the following morning I was joined by my loyal German Slave Jim who suffered the sting of my lash, cane and harsh tongue beneath me the previous weekend I visited Cologne. The brilliant scenes we acted in together which were shot by Snoop are already uploaded onto my website. Both Jim and Snoop are proving to be the perfect slaves for me both on and away from the studio.

On Saturday afternoon, I was photographed in a professional studio by versatile cameraman Snoop. My alter egos emerged from my large suitcase in a tiny changing room one by one. Slave Jim had brought his own bag of toys for me to have fun with. Some very unusual whips, steel collar and heavy chains emerged from a leather holdall to my delight. As you all know, my favourite colours are red and black, so this was the emphasis of the photo shoot. I adore wearing different ff nylons, the more unusual the better to show off my endless legs and held up by my retro six suspender corset and 5inch Italian court shoes, I always feel like a million dollars, dominance elegant style.

Of course it was my alter ego character of strict sadistic Officer Hell who stole the show. This outfit is wonderful to wear but rather tiresome to dress into. Both Snoop and Jim had to assist me by holding a booted leg each and to ensure each boot was carefully laced up from ankle to thigh. My raven wild looking wig was very tangled so I threw it at Snoop with my hairbrush and he lovingly groomed Officer Hell’s crowning glory while wearing her peaked cap!


What fun I had. No matter how many scarlet and bloody stripes I gave to Jim with the heavy use of the new whips during shooting he never ever complained. On the contrary Jim seems to smile more and more when I am slapping, whipping, kicking and caning him. Wearing outfits of rubber and PVC for hours beneath hot studio lights took their toll on me and it was time to say “halt” at 7:00p.m. before dinner of spaghetti and ice cream. On Sunday we returned to the studio to begin more scenes for my future DVD with me in the role of Bank Manager Denial who happens to have a “Hire a Slave” agency ensuring all loans are paid back with blood sweat and tears.



On Monday morning I met and then enjoyed a session with my newest German Slave Bob in my hotel room. Bob is a very serious nylon, shoe, boot and leg a fetishist. What I refer to as a “Footboy”. He proved to be the perfect slave for me to be towering over and dominating, on any Monday morning. Later, I had time to view the most recent DVD footage  in Snoops Office and also select some of the finest photographs I have ever had taken in my career before leaving for Cologne Airport. I travelled wearing my retro girdle, black ff seamed nylons and high heeled court shoes. How smart I looked in my Ives St Laurent three piece black tailored suit and white satin blouse bought in Paris. My new black chapeau bought in Manchester completed the elegant outfit. What happened when I went through security check? Bleep, bleep, bleep all around, sounding like an alien from a Star Wars movie, but perfectly harmless really. Just Madame Margi’s 12 metal suspenders setting off the alarm system and all the guards arguing over who was going to frisk me! At least I left Officer Hell’s pistol behind with Jim. I only hope he arrived safely at his own German town with that huge leather holdall of toys in the boot of his car



Madame Margi