Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 70 - 4th Feb 2015


Snow, frost and scorching sessions


2015 has begun with a flourish of snow, frost and freezing temperatures in Lancashire. My New Year’s resolution is to keep fit and healthy to ensure I retain my youthful looks and become more physically strong and supple for many years to come. My Slaves, Sissies, masochists and fetishists who visit me frequently are all given my own personal advice on living a healthy lifestyle. Those who fail to take my good advice have found themselves doing menial chores, hard exercise and a number of strokes from my cane signifying the number of kilos they need to lose to ensure they aren’t going to be attending Doctor Margaron’s medical centre too often. I enjoy realistic role-play and enjoy portraying a Doctor and Nurse for top to toe medical inspections. My newest role is The Strict Personal Fitness Trainer.

I shall travel to Edinburgh on Monday 9th February for 4 nights, returning on Friday 13th February. I shall be staying at a new address in the centre of Edinburgh New Town and Glam Aunt Carolyn shall be in attendance. It will be good to hear the swish of my cane in new surroundings as I give discipline and punishment to many brave bottoms who reside in Scotland. There truly is none braver than my Gladiator who kisses my dragon cane and begs for more. Many are eager to serve me on this rare trip and have waited patently for my return since October last year. The weather continues to be chilly but of course this always fills me with joy because I shall enjoy wearing leather boots, Crombie coat, hat, gloves and a fabulous fox fur for my train journey north and also for shopping on Princes street or dining out at the Honours and Stockbridge restaurant.

I have enjoyed my personal sessions in my private BDSM Boudoir in January. It is always very rewarding for me to ensure all visiting “bottoms” leave my premises with a scorching searing hot striped behind. My new Art of MM DVD celebrating personal sessions of last year will be available to order from me in late February. I thoroughly enjoyed a first viewing in private with my devoted Slave Tron and we both agreed that the strict judicial punishment of 100 strokes of my cane was “simply the best” of all the live movies put together. Of course everyone will have their own favourite and it is amusing for me to dress up a grown man in feminine frills and transform him into a Sissy. There does seem to be some rivalry going on amongst my Sissies because I now have a wardrobe of their outfits in my home with each one trying to outshine the other. What silly vain Sissies they are! How I love to amuse myself by humiliating, dominating and of course attaining immense sadistic pleasure from breaking the spirit of a grown man by caning him so hard that he sheds tears. My passion for leather continues with fierce intensity and so I share with you all photos of my latest photo shoot to see how I do enjoy wearing total leather with style.

Madame Margi
Strict Senior Disciplinarian