Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 71


My Diary 1st October 2015
Severe CP

Severe CP

I am now in the Autumn of my life and as this is the time of year when Autumn leaves begin to turn various shades of crimson so do my brave slaves, sissies and masochists. My recent sessions during this Indian Summer have been truly scorching with good use of my whips, canes, paddles and the ultimate tool of cp my JJD Lochgelly tawse. I do have a unique skill for all types of cp. I give stripes with my canes taking careful aim on the “bottom” who is secured to the punishment bench. All stripes from 6 to 100 plus are always well spaced and concentrated only on the plumpest part of the buttocks ensuring no serious injury is sustained. Marks could well last into 2 weeks but I guarantee they will have faded before it is time to return for more severe cp in my own strict sadistic hands.


The Lochgelly Tawse has become my favourite and most precious of all of my large collection of genuine school implements. Made by John J Dick of Lochgelly Scotland it is a most beautiful lightweight well compressed and well used highly flexible 2 tailed tawse made originally for a lady and is exactly my own age. I feel that it could have been created exclusively for me. My method of hand tawsing is very severe with my “brave hands” kneeling facing me as I stand tall above them and carefully take aim on the outstretched hands palm upwards, thumbs in with one hand covering the other. Not many are brave enough to endure more than 3 strokes on each palm. The noise as the tawse comes into contact with the hands is truly awesome and redness and bruising soon appear.


I have a new masochist who was born in Glasgow but now resides in London. I am proud to announce that he has taken a multitude of strokes from all of my implements but the very best of all which I filmed for my next Art of MM DVD is when I used the sjambok. He was secured to the smother box while lying face down, his bottom raised by a small leather cushion. I must wear safety glasses when whipping and always ensure my subject is hooded and collared. This well experienced masochist took 6 well aimed strokes of the awesome sjambok when he was already bruised and striped from the effects of spanking, paddling, caning, tawsing and whipping by my full collection of smaller whips including the very stingy scorpion tail.

The record set for 110 strokes of the cane by Gladiator from Scotland has inspired others to attempt to endure even more. I return to Edinburgh on 5th November for 6 days and this could be the perfect opportunity to break all previous records set for all my severe cp sessions. I am certain that Slave in Tune will embrace the pain my hand tawsing produces. Shall I break my own record of prolonged over knee bare bottom spanking with the Dodger? I still swear that there are none braver than my Scots and that severe cp is the direction I wish to go ahead into the remaining days of Autumn as it turns the dark dismal days of Winter.

Queen of severe CP