Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 8


A wicked weekend in Paris



I returned from another relaxing weekend in Paris this afternoon with new purchases of soft black leather high heeled over the knee boots, elegant tailored chocolate brown two piece suit, Charles Jordan classic court shoes and the most unusual pair of black tights in dazzling stripes. Before leaving for Paris on Friday morning, slave Trevor was the very first to admire the gift from Andy Pandy of a black leather heavy weight straight jacket with buckles and zips to keep even the largest of my subs restrained for hours on end. I was having problems with the DVD drive of my computer on Thursday. I was so frustrated and as everyone knows I am not a very patient woman. Andy Pandy arrived upon my doorstep with a freshly picked bunch of nettles for his session at noon. I was in my bedroom still applying makeup and lacing up my pvc thigh boots when my 24/7 slave opened the door to him and ushered him upstairs to my bathroom. While I was still cursing the disobedience of my pc I heard a gentle tap upon my bedroom door to find a naked Andy Pandy clutching his bunch of nettles! I didn't know whether to laugh or scream at the shock of his sudden appearance. "Into my chamber immediately slave" I hissed. "On your knees before me and polish my boots", I commanded and carefully took the nettles from him. Andy had bought me more toys of urethral probes. He really has become hooked on my alter ego of Strict Nurse Severe since buying the short and sexy white and red PVC outfit. What a sweet slave Andy Pandy is for me. He even begged to attend my chamber this afternoon to ensure that my new boots were polished to perfection.



It was my Rubber Slut "A" who came to my rescue this evening with a new dvd drive. His reward for sharing his computer skills with me was to be the first to be forced into the straight jacket. Sat in my bondage chair with the neck straps buckled into position, legs wide apart and ankles secured. The finishing touch a full leather hood laced up and also buckled. How tempting it was not to leave my slave "A" there all night!

I'm feeling tired now after my long journey home from Paris by train, bus, plane, train and finally the big white van of gardener Kenny. It will be many weeks before I am strolling along the banks of the river Seine or shopping for vintage bargains in Amelia. On 7th October I return to Edinburgh for two whole weeks of personal sessions of the strictest kind. My appointments diary is almost full and I intend to spend as much time out of session and enjoying the elegant Scottish City during the day and evening. It is time I visited my designer Loraine of Hide and Sleek in Fife and discovered more restaurants with chaperone Carolyn and subs Wilma, Kevin and my "Furry Pet".

My style for Edinburgh will be classic elegant vintage. I plan to be photographed outside elegant bars and restaurants wearing my new tailored suit, a fox fur draped around my shoulders, while smoking a More's menthol cigarette held in my leather gloved hands. Nights out in Edinburgh are always unique when Caro is my companion. I never venture far without one of my crops tucked beneath my arm just in case the service is not up to my high standards!



So welcome me back for now my English Slaves. You have another full week until I leave you again on Friday 6th October. This week looks interesting with 4 new slaves bravely reserving double sessions with me. What will the new photos contain? Certainly me wearing new outfits and my slaves encased in leather and rubber from securely bound head to toe! Your extraordinary Mistress Madame Margi



Madame Margi