Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 9


Strict, Sadistic and Sensual Sessions


What more could any slave ask for other than to be used as my pet, plaything, toy, doll or piece of furniture?

What a wonderful week of personal sessions in my home chamber in Lancashire. Sissy  Stephi was transformed into my satin maid complete with full make up, high heels and long blonde wig. Not content with experiencing an hour with me last month for transformation, Stephi returned to become my Sissy Maid in bondage with emphasis on nipple torture, bondage, face sitting and foot and leg worship. It won’t be long before Stephi becomes one of my regular Sissies now that I have introduced her to the pain and pleasure of being one of my “sissified girls”.



Slave Trevor returned on Wednesday, firstly to be my chauffeur for the afternoon and join me for a late lunch and secondly to continue his training beneath me as my most loyal slave. I spent 3 hours mercilessly teasing tormenting and torturing him only to send him home locked into a curve chasity device. I already hold keys to many slaves devices and this was the first time I had denied my slave Trevor and pleasure on his return home after his session.

I am already dressed in my retro girdle with the six suspenders awaiting the arrival of a new slave from Cardiff in Wales. My new slaves has promised to do whatever I command him to do. I only hope he lives up to this promise because his plea of “no marks” may be hard to adhere to if his boot polishing technique is not up to my exacting standard.


Tomorrow morning I leave for Edinburgh by train. Slave Trevor will drive me to my local station at 10:30a.m. and then I will sit closely to my enormous scarlet b.d.s.m.  luggage for the 4 hour journey north into Scotland. My slaves in Edinburgh are eagerly awaiting my arrival. My diary is overflowing with appointments for the next two weeks and I will be online regularly to write the occasional news and review. I return to my home in Lancashire the week commencing 23 October and already have 6 personal sessions booked into this week. If you wish to contact me while I am away, please do but remember that I am busy and will respond as quickly as possible. Have patience my slaves and think of slave Trevor locked away in forced chastity now for 3 more weeks!



Madame Margi