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MM Live Sessions on DVD



MM Live Sessions on DVD


I am now capturing the true essence of my live sessions on DVD

The first one is available at £20 inc p & p with delivery within 7 days.

All of my live DVDs are 100 to 120 min long and viewable only through the drive of your computer. They can be watched full screen size and the quality and sound are both excellent. All DVDs are from my most recent sessions of 2009 and to tempt you further into ordering one I will discreetly enclose one of my sheer nylon stockings for you to use in any way you prefer while being a “fly on the wall” in my chamber.

I have included a good variety of strict cp with flogging, spanking and caning. Face sitting is one of my favourite specialities and also sensual foot worship. My outfits in leather, satin, PVC and latex look amazing and to hear the rustle of my latex dress or the click of my sharp high heels is just like being in the session yourself. Whether you have a passion for me in my role as Strict Headmistress, Aunt, Latex Queen or Leather Goddess or Sensual Nurse all my personalities will be available to watch on my MM LIVE DVDs

I have sold 6 copies of  MM LIVE No.1 and will be uploading reviews from those who have watched it.

Contact me by email or by mobile to me on 07815086248
to order your copy today.



Reviews from those who have enjoyed both of my DVDs
Madame Margi DVD
Six scenarios conveying Madame Margi's commanding presence as U.K.'s most strict and sensual elegant mature dominatrix.

A convicted rapist Mr. Jones, hears his sentence and we see how Madame Margi ensures this sentence is carried out to her advantage while keeping him as a prisoner in her own home.

Madame only expects the most excellent Service of a Slave of which she has many. She smokes elegant cigarettes dressed in soft black leather and uses her slave as an ashtray, commanding full foot worship before issuing his punishment.

A young male unsuspecting hitch hiker is Kidnapped by Madame Margi and taken to her playroom for her amusement to his great surprise.
A prisoner found guilty of masturbating in a public place is sentenced by Madame in her most strictest of roles to a Judicial sentence of 36 strokes of her Dragon Cane.

In Transformation of Mike Madame Margi is the strictest sexiest Head Mistress in spectacles as she punishes and transforms pupil Mike into a schoolgirl.

Madame arrives at a country hotel on her many travels and simply cannot resist keeping the young porter for her sensual pleasures and extra Room Service.

Contact me by email to order either DVD now for just £30 or £50 for both

DVD No 2
My second full length DVD is over 2 hrs long and features 5 very different scenes.
Doctor Margi
A very seductive and strict doctor Margi and assistant Nurse Judi have the extremely challenging task of curing a male patient of his inability to sustain an erection. Is it any wonder when he is wearing ladies panties on examination by Doctor Margi? I am sure you will all be envying this patient's position beneath Doctor and Nurse. Their methods are extremely inventive!! The newly acquired cock pump failed to have any effect but when Dr Margaron performs full weight face sitting wearing her black powerlace corsellette there seems to be an instantaneous reaction!
Strict Interrogation
Commander Madame Margi is ruthlessly powerful and sadistic in hre role as Chief Interrogator of a pathetic prisoner. Caged by Officer Judi he is brought before the leather clad smoking Commander in tight jodphurs and thigh boots. Together they cruelly torment and punish him in order to extract the password. The sound of their cruel whips cutting into his bare flesh will remain with you long after watching this scene. The ending is quite simply shocking and you will have to prepare yourselves to watch Madame Margi and her assistant Mistress at their awsome best. Not for the squeamish.
Strict Aunt Margi
You are all familiar with the elegant sight of Madame Margi in classic red satin blouse and long leather black skirt and boots, but are you prepared to see exactly how convincing she is as the extremely strict Aunt ? Nephew Trevor is discovered playing with himself and in possession of a pair of her panties! She is not amused at all and begins by severely slapping him across the face. Then it is time for the carpet beater for strict punishment. When he is broken down almost to tears and begging her forgiveness she leads him upstairs to her bedroom to use him for her pleasure and commands foot and leg worship while trampling him with her fluffy slippers! He will never disobey his Aunt Margi again!!
The Plumber
An innocent plumber calls at Madame Margi's house in Lancashire to repair a leaking tap in her kitchen. Dressed in black leather and boots Margi traps him with a hood and gag and keeps him in bondage in her chamber for endless torments and finally simulated degradation when he becomes her broken slut! Simply breathtakingly sensual and strict and showing Margi at her elegant best. Lucky plumber!!
Bank of Denial
The bank of denial is run by a very strict lady in ff seamed nylons and stilletto heels with high necked shirt and tie. The opening sequence is the very best footage ever of close up views of her endless legs stretched out on the table top as Madame smokes a More's cigarette. What a ruthless Bank Manager she turns out to be when an unsuspecting customer arrives for an interview hoping for a loan without too much interest!! The body hugging latex evening dress is worn for the second part of this scene and Madame shows you her skills of actor, photographer, model and simply the best dominatrix ever! Ache while you wish it was you on screen polishing every inch of that gorgeous rubber dress with your tongue! Sensational!!



You will see six scenarios, showing Mistress dominating a prisoner in her home,

a hitch-hiker finds his journey has a detour he will never forget. A judicial

scene where a prisoner feels the sting of Mistresses cane, and very strict

Headmistress transforms an unruly pupil into an obedient schoolgirl.

My two favourite parts are the smoking scene, where Mistress uses a slave as

an ashtray, and the final scene where a hotel porter finds room service is quite

an experience under Mistresses heels !

The most memorable memorable moment for me ?....The sight of Mistress in her

red, thigh-length, stilleto-heeled, patent leather boots..!! That sound !! The

creaking and crackling of the leather as she reclined on the bed was music to my

ears..I do hope on my next visit to her she allows me to help her into those

gorgeous symbols of her power, a delight I truly look forward to.

Her ever obedient slave..




Dear Madame Margi


I received your dvd last friday afternoon and I have done nothing else during this weekend that to watch it! I am a collector of sm videos, I must have more that 500 at home, and I can tell you that I have never seen anyone like yours in my entire life. You are the most incredible mistress I have ever met. Demanding and sensual, strict and desirable. Someone that really can put a man on his knees just by the tone of the voice, without any effort. What more can I say? I am afraid that my english is too poor to make you justice...When are you releasing a second one??!!

Your slave:
Dear Madame Margi
Thank you for asking me to comment on your DVD, I?m sure the satisfaction of the customer is very important to you, and it?s nice to know you value the feedback from the people who are purchasing your DVD.
I thought your first DVD was fantastic, and enjoyed watching it from start to finish; it really seemed to give a true impression of how a Fem Dom session is.
My favourite scenes were the first one, where the Rapist gets to know his sentence, the Kidnap scene and the Room service scene, but I enjoyed all of the 6 scenes on the DVD.
I thought it was well worth the money I paid for it. Thank you very much for producing an excellent DVD.
Best Regards

I would like to thank you just once again for the DVD.
I have watched it over and over and over it gets
better and better. As I said before, the quality is
exceptional including the sound.

I really cannot decide which is my favourite scene.
The first episode has a little of everything, I
particularly like the way the slave has to "enjoy" his
meal and the cruel grin you give him when he starts to
eat. What a lucky slave to towel you off after your
bath and to pleasure you at your request. The More
smoking and ashtray shots are some of the sexiest I
have ever seen. I also found the shaving and clamping
scene very sensual (though I do not know the slave
managed to stay under control :-)).

What can I say about episode2. The best More smoking,
ashtray duty you could ask for as well as a great
selection of foot and boot worship and a lovely
position to get a spanking.

Episode 3 - Even though xdressing has never been
exciting to me I thought the cbt and particularly the
strap on worship were very exciting.

Kidnap scene - wow, the humiliation, the cbt the
waxing but most of all - what an outfit, beautiful and
set off well with a red riding crop, as I say - wow.

The room service scene, so sexy with the red thigh
high boots and the face sitting. and finally the
judicial scene great cp.

All in all a superb DVD of a beautiful, sensuous and
expert dominatrix.

I love every second, thank you.

Having received Madame's dvd and watched her command and control slaves, she is one beautiful Goddess. The thought of being put over her fabulous thighs for a spanking is a real turn on. The outfits are fab, the acting is second to none. Her commanding stature and looks are enough to make anyone bow to her powerful presence. Looking forward to the next dvd, Madame brings out. It will certainly be in my collection.


Dear Madame Margi
I have viewed your dvd a number of times, I love it.
You are marvellous, it is no wonder you have so many slaves who adore you. Thank you. Respectfully yours

Robert x

Hello Madam Margi, MistressI have been able to sit back and relax and watch Your excellent DVD. A wonderful enjoyment to see, hear you in action. The variety of costumes you wear are

a joy to see. I must admit though, my favourite one on the DVD was the

black latex dress, that exposed your excellent breast cleavage before tying

at the top collar around your neck. I do have a certain weakness for

latex/rubber wear, your latex stockings adding more to the wonderful vision

if you Mistress dressed in latex wear, however to all of that, the red thigh

boots in the other scene where fabulous. To hear your voice in the

Dominating scenes a wishing thought to hear them for myself. The equipment around the room on display brought even more of a smile,seeing the array of gags, hoods, breath control a fantasy of mine too.Thank you ever so much for sending your DVD to me Madam Margi. I really did

enjoy watching it, and will again and again. A true English Lady Dominatrix

you are, thank you.



Hello Madame Margi
I received your DVD yesterday. Thank you. It was well worth the wait, in fact i think the wait made me enjoy it even more. I loved your knickers. Thank you so very much. I hope your slaves realise how lucky they are. I hope you have plans to make some more DVD's because i would certainly look forward to seeing them.
Many many thanks
A Mail to a beautiful Lady with a big soul
Dear Madame Margi
I have see the DVD one time. It´s very good. I will see a second time and than I write you what I think and what I feel.

What I have see is that you are a beautiful woman with a lot of feelings...and very nice blue eyes. They are blue....or???

The black dresses are good and make you more pretty than the red colors in the hotel-room.
You speak very clearly in your DVD and I do not speak English well but can understand most of what you speak.
A lot of Kisses for you Madame Margi
Uwe - Germany
Review of Madame Margi’s DVDs

Madame Margi’s DVDs arrived by first class post. Having enjoyed watching them both thoroughly I have come to the conclusion they are not for masturbating to as I expected. They are in fact more intimate and more fun. They are a means to enter Madame's world of sadist pain and pleasure. It is also very tongue in cheek. You can see Madame Margi smiling almost through out the second DVD as she slowly and calculatingly administers pain to her subjects, the Plumber or the Nephew. Madame Margi never allows us to see her naked, that just adds to our frustration and joy. We can see her beautiful face, hear her magical commanding voice as it toys with a submissive slave. We can enjoy her fun and wonder in the amazing outfits we are allowed to admire. We are right there with her. Watching the DVDs tells you that you must attempt to make the pilgrimage to Madame Margi at least once before you die, it would be worth every penny and be unforgettable.

Review of DVD 2 by Todd
Dear Madame Margi,
As I said, I am enjoying the DVD I received from you.  You asked what my favorite scene is.  Well, in "Doctor Margi", I especially love your outfit, when you strip down to that fabulous black girdle, the black seamed vintage full-fashion nylons and the black stiletto heels.  The queening scene at the end gives us a wonderful view of your magnificent, girdle-clad bottom.  In "Strict Interrogation", I like the intense whipping (best on the entire video), and the expressions of grim determiniation and cruelty on both you and your assistant's faces. The hanging scene at the end was brilliant.  In "The Plumber" I loved the boot worship and especially the strap-on dildo scene at the end, again featuring a glimpse of my favorite black girdle and stockings. "The Bank Manager Denial" was probably my least favorite scene, mostly because I can't relate to the old guy, but your legs once again looked terrific in those seamed stockings. But my favorite scene by far is "Wanking Nephew"!  Oh, it's great!  First of all, the serious face-slapping you give him, accompanied by your scathing scolding, really sets the scene up wonderfully. I loved it when you stuffed your panties into his mouth.  Then you take him upstairs to "Auntie's bedroom" for his punishment. He gets a good spanking over his Aunt's lap.  Then you stand and slowly remove your skirt right in front of his face, showing him your panties and stockings!  Every boy's dream!  You draw his face in between your legs to give him a good sniff.  Then it's "Lick Auntie's boots!"  Mmmmm, a nephew worshipping his sexy Aunt's boots!  Very hot!  But when he is finally allowed to lick your stockings, high up on your thighs, well, that's the "finale" for me, so to speak. I wait for that moment to shoot.  And once more, you draw the lucky boy's face deep between your legs, ending by admonishing him that in the future, he may only masturbate with your permission.  "Wanking Nephew" just strikes so many chords for me.  It is by far my favorite scene on the DVD