Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 41


Dear Strict and Sexy Aunty Margi

Once again thankyou for such an amazing session last week. As promised here is my full review. I hope you approve.

I knocked upon your door and after a few seconds you answered and commanded me to go into the living room. I was quite nervous as always and was panting rather heavily. You looked very strict in your choice of outfit which was a tight leather dress which showed off your curvaceous figure beautifully. I was lost for words. I had been very naughty since my last visit and knew that I was going to be punished for playing with myself without your permission yet again.

You instructed me to strip and I obeyed. Standing in just my panties you then gave me a good bare botty spanking over your knees. With my botty on fire you allowed me to stand up revealing that I had dribbled on your dress. After scolding me for this you took me upstairs to your own private bedroom for the next part of my session. What an honour to be allowed into your own bedroom. You then very expertly transformed me into the most pretty sissy girl I have ever seen. You put me into white stockings and suspenders. Two pairs of very small panties, the first pair were tight thong style and the second were lacy briefs. Both pairs were size 10 and my tiny willy was barely visible beneath them. How embarassing. You completed the look with high heels, make up and a pink wig. Oh and the pink satin corset! Such a wonderfull garment which you pulled in tight giving me a girly figure. For the next hour or so you tied me securely to your bondage frame and spanked me while taking photos of me. You also spanked me across your bed and again took photos of my red botty. It was so humiliating having my panties pulled down. The thong style panties gave me added humiliation as you were able to spank my bare botty while they kept my litttle willy in place.

You mixed up the session wonderfully and for the next part you took ne back downstairs where you blinfolded, gagged and tied me into your bondage chair. I could barely move. You left me there for what seemed like an eternity. Upon your return you teased me endlessly before finally releasing me to reveal that you had changed into a stunning corset and french knickers. You looked so hot and sexy.

I was feeling so submissive and obedient. You even commented on how dainty I was when I bent down to pick up the cuffs from the floor.

You ended the session by taking me into your punishment room where I received yet more hard spanking. You even humiliated me by forcing me to suck your large black cock like a sissy slut. Feeling totally humiliated and with my botty glowing red you took out your cane and gave me six of the best. I nearly burst into tears. You ended the session by sitting on my face and using me as your face cushion for your pleasurse before finally spanking me across your knees .

What an amazing session and by far the best yet. I hope you approve of my written account.

Your Naughty Sissy Nephew