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“ A Gaelic Phoenix “

An appointment had been made for Billy the Rubber slut to attend the Clinic for a thorough Medical Examination. He had been recommended this particular Clinic by Dr. Margaron who he had consulted a few days earlier! The basic problem had been the lack of ability on Billy’s part to have a “satisfying” erection! This had been going on for several months and was a continuing worry for Billy!

The appointment had been made for 5th February in Edinburgh for 10am to allow the most detailed Medical to take place. For days before- hand Billy had experienced a mixture of expectant hope and a slight foreboding that this was being carried out by a Female Nurse and after all this was dealing with his most Personal Parts!!!

The appointed day arrived and Billy had spent more time on his preparations that morning, ensuring that his cock and balls were properly shaved, his hygiene was of the utmost high standard and he was totally ready for the appointment!

It seemed to take ages for 10 o’clock to arrive and for Billy to ring the bell of the Clinic. After a brief pause a receptionist invited Billy to enter and then showed him to the waiting room. “It is Nurse Serene that will be carrying out this Medical Inspection this morning, she is one of our Most Experienced Nurses in this matter” “She will be with you shortly”! Whilst waiting Billy had a chance to look around the room and view the photographs of the Staff of the Clinic and right enough there was Nurse Serene and Billy immediately “brightened up “ considerably when he saw the Picture!

At this point the door of the waiting room opened and in walked the most stunning Nurse that Billy had ever seen!! “Are you Billy”? asked the Nurse. Billy somehow managed to stammer a very feeble “Yes”. ”Then please follow me” replied the Nurse!

Billy quickly followed this vision of clinical excellence down a long corridor. As she walked it gave Billy time to take in exactly how Nurse Serene was dressed! His eyes at first he thought were playing tricks but “Yes” it was all real from the White dress of the “Mini” variety, the thigh length Fishnet Stockings, the nurse’s headgear to match the uniform and the “classical” high Platform White PVC shoes to “set off” the whole Outfit! The only guesses Billy had to make at this point were “what was Nurse wearing under her uniform?” He soon got part of the answer as Nurse bent down to pick up a piece of paper that someone had dropped. The sight of this curvaceous bottom bent over and exposing red satin knickers at the top of the longest legs he had ever seen was almost too much for Billy!

By this time they had reached the Examination Room and as Billy entered he saw a “dazzling” array of every conceivable type of Instrument! T he examination “bed” was completely Rubber-covered with a Rubber pillow at one end! The rest of the room was filled with other equipment which Billy didn’t have time to “take in” before Nurse Serene asked Billy to strip off all his clothes in the cubicle and to don what was there for him! To Billy’s amazement the clothes that were laid out for him were female and were his in his favourite Satin!!! Satin Nightdress, with Satin panties and French Knickers plus Hold up Black Sheer Nylon Stockings. Billy was shaking with excitement and anticipation as he as quickly as he could put on the clothes left out for him.

“ Are you ready for your examination, Billy?” came Nurse Serene’s voice from the room. “Err—Yes Nurse” stammered Billy.

“Then come out here and let’s get on with it!”

“Lie down on the examination table now!”

Billy felt the cool rubber of the table through the Satin as he lay down and prepared for the Examination! Nurse Serene explained in detail all about the very detailed inspections that She was about to carry out. As she bent over the patient Billy couldn’t believe his eyes as the tops of Her Beautiful breasts were showing so teasingly out of Her uniform. There was almost an instant cure of Billy’s erection problem but not quite!

Nurse Serene then proceeded to place the Rubber Anesthetic Mask over Billy’s face! “Breath deeply” commanded Nurse Serene. The sensual smell of the rubber from the mask meant that Billy needed no further convincing. “That will help to ease the pain as I carry out the more Intimate parts of the Examination” explained Nurse S.
Over the next 15 minutes or so Nurse Serene carried out all sorts of thorough inspections of Billy’s Anatomy. All the time Billy’s eyes fixed on the tantalizing glimpses as Nurse bent down, leant over and used her rubber gloved hands in carrying out the examination.

“I have come to the conclusion that You need assistance in having an erection Billy” said Nurse Serene, “I am going to use my Penis Pump on your cock!” With that she produced a fascinating piece of equipment with a Perspex tube and a hand pump attached by a narrow tube. She placed this over Billy’s cock and proceeded to use the pump and very quickly Billy felt his cock being “pulled” longer and longer as the vacuum created by the pump made his cock swell almost to the top of the tube!

“Look Billy, what do you think of that”. Billy was so excited and couldn’t really believe what he saw---His cock as big as it had ever been. Nurse Serene repeated this exercise several times and eventually said “Well they proof will be whether you can sustain an erection without the aid of the pump?”

“Let’s see if we can arouse this cock of yours, Billy”. Nurse Serene then placed a blindfold over Billy’s eyes and he could hear Nurse leave the room. Left to his own thoughts for a while Billy became more and more excited that perhaps there was a cure for his inability to have an exertion

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone returning down the corridor and the door opening. The room was filled with a familiar sensual smell and he heard the “tell-tale” rustle of his favorite fetish material Rubber! Already Billy felt for him the new sensation of a “stirring in his Loins” at the thought of what was about to be revealed!
Billy heard the rustle of the Rubber nearer and soon the blindfold was removed from his eyes! What a sight to behold ---- “The Rubber Goddess” in All Her Glory with Her ankle length Rubber Tight fitting, Body Hugging Shining Gown in Rustling Rubber!

Billy’s Treatment was complete as the Largest Erection he had experienced for many Years was there for all to behold!
Truly the Rise of “The Phoenix” in True Gaelic fashion!!