Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 40


Dear Madame Margi

I write simply to praise you. I became an admirer of you and your website a few years ago but hadn't visited for a couple of years. I visited again yesterday and was once more spell bound by your wondrous images. I joined your member area again and spent a happy hour or two perusing your albums, transfixed by the powerful female dominance you exude. I can't think of any dominant female I've seen whose images look so majestic. You are clearly aware of how awesome you look in your stunning outfits and clearly aware of the power you have over many males who make the mistake of visiting your site and falling into your web. You seem to enjoy posing for the camera, knowing how stunning you look. As a 49 year old male I am blown away by how stunning you look in leather and satin - an elegant and mature lady with the power to reduce men to abject helplessness at her booted feet, awaiting her command.

Hard to pick from so many fabulous photos but I think my favourites are the Black Watch tartan ones. Stunning green silk blouse and tartan skirt stretched so sexily over Madame's majestic curves, and those simple but oh-soooooo sexy black boots peeking out from under your skirt. I think if I was in your presence with you in that outfit, there would not even be a need for a quietly spoken "Kiss My Boots"from your lips, I would be instantly hypnotised and on my knees to kiss your shiny black leather boots in humble reverence of your stunning female supremacy.....

I am sure you get many admiring emails but hope you won't mind one more. Please keep up the good work :)

Neil xxx(for your beautiful boots)