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Mistress and slave as "one" - 2007/10/23 23:31

As most of you know Madame Margi has been in Edinburgh since 13th October gracing our Capital city with Her very Commanding Presence.

During this time I have had the privilege of spending a considerable amount of time in Her Regal Company first of all as Her Sissy Maid Wilma and latterly as Her rather pathetic rubber slut Billy!

Both of these sessions have made me realise even more how Exceptional a Mistress we are privileged to serve.
A session with Madame Margi is NOT just a meeting of Mistress and slave it is an ever growing "bond" between that slave and a Most Exceptional Mistress. Almost without realising it the slave is gradually "embraced" by Madame Margi's ever so unique style of Domination!

Not for Her the cold uninviting dungeon so typical of many modern day Dominatrices acompanied by the ritualistic beatings and Torturing dished out by these "bland" in some cases disinterested Mistresses!
Instead when we visit Madame Margi in Her most elegant Town Apartment,bright well heated, immaculately furnished and we are greeted as always by that winning smile and softly spoken voice of Madame Margi welcoming you into Her Realm.

And so indeed it was on both the occasions over the past week that I was fortunate enough to be allowed into Madame's Presence. For then on after the intitial face to face chat over tea or coffee you find very quietly and at most times Madame gradually "enters your mind" and takes over your very behaviour for the next few hours!

Gently but firmly you are led willingly to give yourself up to Her demands and desires which are done without you realising it! Her remarkable memory has "stored" away in Her mind that which makes you "tick" but at the same time gives Mistress that great pleasure too. Two human beings "moulded" as one for the duration of this session!

This is such a unique facet of Madme Margi's personality that we slaves most of the time take for granted, and it is only if we step back and think about it in the "cold light" of the day that we begin to understand how very fortunate to find ourselves serving such a unique and Talented Mistress

And so it has been with my latest two sessions as Sissy maid and then rubber slut that I have realised just how far down this abstract road of Compete Submission Madame Margi and I have travelled. I have given myself to Her to stretch my limits, to decide just what is the best recipe for our sessions to-gether and to travel as ONE along this never -ending road of Complete Submission!
One minute the Satin clad maid recieving futher training,the next perhaps learning the art of Proper Foot Worship and paying homage to Her Endless Nylonclad Legs, then very quickly turning in to the Satin slut for Madame's amusement! Or perhaps the rubber slut cleaning and polishing Madame's Gorgeous Rubber Gown and then the next minute being sent to Nurse Severe for a thorough Medical Examination as Nurse Severe "towers" above you in her White "Medical" Platform shoes! The intenseness of the next hour or so can be felt by both Nurse and patient as she subjects you to innumerable painful but pleasant examinations which take you to the Peaks of Desire and Tease!! As a slave you are never quite sure what "comes next" in Madame Margi's "script!!!!
But never let it be said that Madame Margi does not exact Her love of C.P. etc. as she in turn, Flogs, OTK spanks or canes Her slaves giving Madame the rush of Adrenaline that She so personally craves! The strange part is that after a few sessions with Madame Margi the slave begins to look forward to this "painful" part of the particular session!!

So we have quietly travelled further along this "road" without really realising that this Uniquely Beautiful, Brilliantly Talented .Immaculately Dressed unequalled Personality Mistress has taken you "by the Hand" and led you to where you both want to be!!

For this slave I never want to reach "the end of this road"!

Madame Margi, I personally Salute You and I am humble to serve You for as long as You deem me suitable!!

Sissy maid Wilma. xxxx