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Extra P.E. at Training Academy.

Sissy Wilma had been ordered to report to the Governess of Madame Margi’s Training Academy for Sissy Maids! Such a summons filled Wilma with a great degree of apprehension as these summons usually meant some misdeed had occurred and been reported to The Governess!.

So therefore it was a very subdued Sissy Maid that reported to the Training Academy Receptionist at the appointed time. After sitting waiting in the Waiting Room for almost half an hour, the receptionist eventually intimated that the Governess would see Wilma.

Wilma was unaware of what to expect when she slowly opened the heavy wooden door to the Governess’s office. There seated at Her large mahogany desk was the Governess absolutely resplendent in the most “severe attire” so much in keeping with Her status as Governess of the “Sissy Training Academy”. Completely dresses in Black Satin except for the “Startlingly Crisp White Satin Blouse” beneath Her Headmistress’s Gown. Her hair was tied severely back and as She glared at Wilma over Her Spectacles, Wilma had no reason to doubt that she was “in big trouble”!
“I am at the end of my tether with your behavior, sissy maid! I have a long list here of all the misdemeanors that you have perpetrated over the past few weeks! You have to be severely punished!!” This statement was delivered with intense feeling and a touch of venom in the Governess’s voice. Wilma grew quickly even more apprehensive of what fate was about to befall her! “I have ordered Miss Margaron to supervise additional P.E. Classes for you over the next few days” shouted the Governess.

At first Wilma thought her ears were deceiving her when she heard the words “P.E. Classes” ! How lucky could she be if this was the “punishment” that she was to receive?

She had expected much worse by far! “You will report to the Gymnasium immediately where Miss Margaron will join you, you are dismissed!” “Thank you M’am” stuttered Wilma still slightly shocked at the turn of events!
Wilma made her way quickly to the Gym and awaited the arrival of Miss Margaron ,whom she had heard about but had never met! After what seemed like an eternity the door to the Gym opened and a vision of a Mistress entered! “Are you Sissy maid Wilma” was the greeting! “Yes, Mistress I am”! “ I am Miss Margaron and the Governess has charged me with giving you extra P.E.”

All the time Wilma was taking in this striking teacher who was to “look after” her and supervise the extra P.E. Miss Margaron was simply “awesome” to behold! She wore the tightest fitting Leather top which enhanced Her outstandingly beautiful breasts! This caused them to “protrude” sexily over the broad Leather belt which encircled Her slender waist. But it was the magnificence of the Tightly-fitting White Jodphurs that simply magnified the beauty of Mistress’s hips and thighs that had the most devastating effect on Wilma These were complemented with the shiny High-heeled Black Riding boots complete with spurs. Simply a Striking ensemble completed by the Riding Crop that Mistress held in Her hand!
“ We will be spending a lot of time together over the next week or so while you exercise for me! Do you understand that you are completely under my command and will do everything I ask of you” asked Miss Margaron very quietly. “Err--- Yes Miss!” stuttered Wilma. “Please address me as Mistress” in future!” replied Miss Margaron
“Right on with the lessons sissy maid, go and strip off All of your clothes and come back to me”! A rather surprised Wilma did as she was told and returned naked before her Mistress.

“Some running on the spot to loosen you up Wilma but first of all to make it more interesting we will put some ‘handicaps’ on you!” With that a parachute attachment was placed around her cock and several weights hung from it, some well placed Clothes Pegs were attached to her scrotum etc., and nipple clamps applied also with a weight on the chain joining them!
“ Now begin running !” ordered Miss Margaron ! Wilma started slowly to run on the spot. “Faster, faster” shouted the Mistress. And to assist Wilma she started using her Riding Crop as “encouragement”!! It didn’t take long for Wilma to realize that this was to be no easy option for her punishment! The pain of the weights pulling on her balls and the sheer intensity of the nipple clamps very soon became unbearable but there was no “let up” on Miss Margaron’s will as she used the crop to good effect on Wilma’s reddening bottom!

After what seemed like an eternity and as Wilma cried out louder and louder in pain Mistress ordered her to stop! “Now you will do Sit Ups and then Press Ups but with some more ‘Encouragement’” and Miss Margaron produced a selection of canes and paddles. The Sit ups began and as Wilma struggled to get upright on each occasion Mistress pulled on the nipple clamp chain just to “assist” Wilma to reach the sit up position!! This process proved even more painful than the running. The Press ups that followed were equally severe in that if Wilma didn’t reach the desired “height” with her bottom it received a heavy blow from either one of the canes or else a well directed blow from a paddle!
The alternating Sit Ups and Press up sessions went on for some considerable time and all the time Wilma thought she would pass out with the excruciating pain! However Miss Margaron was really “warming to her task” and thoroughly enjoying Wilma’s discomfort.

Wilma was ordered to eventually stop this exercise and her Mistress ordered her over to the Wall Bars that were on one wall of the Gym! “Face the Bars” Wilma was told, “Hands above your head and feet apart” and Wilma soon found her wrists and ankles shackled to the bars above her and at her feet. A Gag was strapped into place in her mouth. “Now for some Target practice for my CP strokes and also with my Bull Whip” quietly Miss Margaron informed Wilma.
Out of the corner of her eye Wilma could see her Mistress take off her Leather Top to show her exquisite lacey Bra and then she donned a “delicious pair” of Arms Length Leather Gloves. Despite the pain between her legs Wilma felt her clit becoming aroused and stiff at the sight of this wonderful body of her Mistress even although she knew that the pain she was about to feel would probably outweigh anything that had gone before!

The sound of the swishing of the canes etc. together with the crack of the whip as Mistress “warmed up” did nothing to allay Wilma’s apprehension! She was rudely brought back to reality as the first blow of a cane thudded across her buttocks!
“ You will count each of the 12 strokes of the cane as I proceed” ordered Mistress. As each stroke landed all Wilma could do was to make a muffled attempt at shouting out a number through the mouth gag! “ Clearer, slut!!!” but no amount of effort on Wilma’s part could make the words any more distinct. When she had completed the 12 strokes of
the cane she reached for Wilma’s butt and she felt the smoothness of the Leather glove as Mistress stroked her aching bottom.

“Now for the Target Practice with my Whip” enthused Miss Margaron.

She moved back to give herself plenty of room to swing the whip and land accurately on Wilma’s bottom and back! Whereas Wilma had been apprehensive enough with her previous punishment it was nothing to how she felt as he awaited the first blow from the Bull Whip! There were very distinctive swishes and cracks as Mistress warmed up and then-- “BANG” ,Wilma felt pain as she had never felt it before as the first real blow landed ,the excruciating feeling as the pain developed quickly made her cry out into the gag as she had never done so loudly before but naturally it was a muffled cry that was actually heard by Mistress. “ Five more of the Best for You” Mistress said in glee!

It was a completely “drained” maid that hung from the Wall Bars at the end of this stage of her punishment!
“ I will allow you to recover from the previous punishment by having you perform as my Pony Girl”

After she had been released from the wall bars Wilma saw that Mistress had some more “gear” as she approached her---“This is a bridle complete with bit and you will wers this so that I can guide you as I ride you round the Gym” With that Wilma felt the bridle put onto her head and the bit forced between her teeth! Mistress then sat astride Wilma and as she dug her spurs into Wilma’s thighs she ordered her to carry her forward as for extra encouragement with blows from her Riding Crop!! By this time Wilma’s bottom was covered in “weels” where the well-directed strokes had landed, even traces of the skin “breaking” where the heaviest blows had struck!

As you can imagine it was a very tired and “brow-beaten” maid that was almost out on her feet when Miss Margaron decided that perhaps that Wilma had endured enough for her first punishment Session.

“We have only started your sessions of Extra PE. that the Governess has ordered,you will report at the same time tomorrow, now go and shower and dress and return to your class”.

As the cold shower water reached the back and bottom of Wilma it released the full pain again of her badly marked back and butt and it was many , many hours before the pain began to subside! So much she thought to herself for “getting off” lightly!!!????