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2009 – Review Sarsonbutts
The Furious Headmistress

From the moment I knocked for a second time (ignoring the first call to enter) the tone was set for a torrid time ahead. This was compounded by the essay on punctuality now being scrutinised word by word, the look on the headmistresses face was one of utter bewilderment and fury. Not only did the essay have the most appalling spelling mistakes it had also failed to appear to be hand written(which it wasn’t), and the fact that it carried the mark of 10/10 did not help neither did sitting down on arrival a very foolish act. The hand strapping that followed was I suppose well deserved. Now knelt down hands outstretched the 12 strokes of the ‘Lochgelly’ were a severe punishment in itself but a further two hand strappings were to come! For some inexplicable reason my tie was coming in for repeated criticism and was an obvious cause of much annoyance to the furious headmistress. An over the knee spanking followed and was most enjoyable!!! The caning that I was now enduring was all the more painful due to having been soaked in water for what must have been a considerable time, the weight of such a light cane greatly increased with the stinging effect quite a shock. The second hand strapping took a new and surprising twist. Again knelt down the headmistress decided to sit down while administering the ‘Bad Boy Strap’, the 10 strokes each making solid contact. Whether it was my attitude or this problem with my tie, looking back now it was possibly this annoying smell of vinegar that I had already denied all knowledge of. Now standing the headmistress grasped the fingers of my left hand and repeatedly struck it with the’ Irish Strap’, why only the left hand deserved this I’ll never know!!! Lying over the low level table the first of three straps were reigning down, the headmistress sometimes seated and then standing towering above as the straps forcefully came down. A second over knee spanking followed before the final caning took place. The source of the smell of vinegar was now apparent as the half eaten packet of ‘Salt and Vinegar’ crisps fell out of my pocket. The dreaded ‘Dragon Cane’ was now being administered with painful accuracy and with the fiftieth stroke having made contact the punishment was over. Have I learnt my lesson, I very much doubt it and with the essay to be further scrutinised and marked down from the 10/10 I think a future visit to the headmistresses study will surely result in a further punishment of the most severe nature!