Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 22


Sold by my Mistress

It was in a quaint shoe shop that I was acquired by my Mistress. There I was innocently looking for some new shoes to buy. And there she was, right behind me in the ladies shoe section, sitting elegantly while looking down at a young female shop assistant carefully fit a pair of stylish leather strappy mules to her soft milky white feet. It was hard to ignore this attractive lady who was mature but seemed ageless. I watched as she instructed the assistant on many different shoes to try, but none seemed to please her. I sat down and continued my search for the right shoes but was totally distracted by the alluring lady. She was a lady. I couldn't believe how sexy and confident she was in her every action. I gazed carefully as she then moved onto trying out some leather boots of various styles. the assistant was worn out! She was now like a zombie just following the lady's orders. The lady's legs were long and extremely shapely. Her ankles were perfectly formed and her heels looked soft curvy and totally lickable.  I was getting carried away, but I was loving it. Then, the girl assistant cracked, she just couldn't cope. The lady after trying on a pair of ankle boots decided that the heels were too high and that she should bring her something in the same style but without a heel. The girl looked up and shook her head. The lady quickly admonished her almost to tears as she tried to take the rejected boots off. Some time passed and the girl was still having trouble removing the boot. The lady was calm but not impressed with the fumblings of her junior but just smiled, and at that point our eyes connected. I looked away but instantly looked back. She stared back still smiling so I smiled back. She then said, "would you be so kind as to help a lady out?"

My legs moved faster than my lips and I was there like a shot. I almost pushed the shop assistant out of the way. I gently held one of her booted legs and looked into her eyes as I pulled the boot of her long firm legs and erotic looking feet. The scent of the leather and her feet were overpowering. As I looked at her and took in the scent I have to admit wanting to bury my head in them. I think that she could sense this as she looked at me smiling. I smiled back not realizing what she had in store for me. The lady decided to leave the shop and asked me if I would help her to a cab with the rest of her shopping. I responded by immediately saying, "certainly"! Then off we went into the streets of Manchester. After hailing a cab and getting all her shopping, she stepped in and as I gave her my hand to shake and say goodbye, she pulled me firmly inside, and to my amazement shut the door. I was very surprised but before I could open my mouth, the lady explained that she needed some help back at home which was only 45 minutes away, and that she would see me back to wherever I needed to go when finished, and I would be well paid. I didn't even ask what the job was, I just wanted to comply. On the way back the lady who by this time had introduced herself as 'M' was sitting cross legged in a tight black skirt that hugged her huge curvy hips, and a shapely bottom that was just made for the skirt. Her legs were bare and milky white and seemed to go for miles, as I gazed all the way to her cork wedged shoes. She wore an electric blue blouse that showed off her gorgeous and mighty breasts. We chatted as if we had known each other for years and I just couldn't keep my eyes from wandering up and down those firm and shapely crossed legs, even her feet were tempting me further and further. Before long we were at her house, we went inside and my fears started to lessen. On the way I did wonder to myself, "what am I doing here "? It all was happening so fast, but in a very natural flow. Her home was neat and cosy and I just felt safe and good that I was helping this sweet dear lady. Then, after a short wait she entered the room and my eyes opened wide as I saw her standing above me. She had changed into a grey satin shirt complete with a black leather tie. A long black leather skirt hovering just above her ankles, sheer nylon seamed stockings, and black leather strapless mules with a low heel. Her hair and make up were mesmerizing. She was gorgeous! My mouth dropped, and before I could speak she instructed me that I was now formally going to be trained to be one of her personal foot slaves. She said I now belonged to her and that I would from now on obey all her commands and be used solely for her sadomasochistic pleasures. By now I was getting a little amused at what I had got myself into but thought as a woman loving fella who had many female playmates, I would never give that up and become faithful and loyal. At least I thought... At that moment the lady who had by now instructed me to address her as 'Ma’am', pulled me up, took off her skirt, then sat down whilst holding my arms and forcing me down over her knee. I said "What the..."? but she stopped me and shouted , "Silence ! You are going to be punished over my knee until you swear that you are my slave and you belong to me." Well, I struggled, trying to wriggle myself free and off her knee, but she put one leg over my legs clamping me tightly. She then pulled my trousers down and started to slap away at my ass seriously with her bare hands. I wriggled and yelped yet still trying to be cool, but it really hurt, and as the stinging grew, so did the pace and the rythmn of her spanks. Time passed, and on it went, repeatedly spank after spank. She would stop and remove an item of my clothes, one at a time until I was spread bare eagle over her shapely legs. She grabbed my cock which was throbbing hugely, and thrust it between her thighs, I was starting to get used to the pain as her thigh walls rubbed and clamped all of me. She told me more about what she would do to me, how she would punish and humiliate me throughout and after my training. I would be expected to wear a shoe tied over my face for at least an hour a day, and I would be taught on how to love and adore her feet constantly. She grabbed my cock and pulled me up so that I was looking into her deep blue eyes. "Open your mouth"! She shouted, as I did she spat hard on my tongue. She closed my mouth then smiled at me. My head stared to spin. I couldn't control my mind anymore. Again I was put over her knee for more beatings. I was given the strap, and she even removed her strapless mule and gave me 20 slow hard spanks with that! I felt dizzy, but somehow good. My ass stung until it was hot and tingling, but the rest of me was buzzing with a warm glow. She made me kneel as she sat looking down at me. I started to shake and tried hard to steady myself. She asked who I belonged to?  I just smiled at her but said nothing. The truth is I was too freaked out to speak. She then told me worship her feet and stretched her leg out kicking off her shoe, I instinctively started to kiss and lick her foot all over. I worked hard to please her, the more I kissed was the more I wanted to. She then pulled down her stocking leg. She stuck her big toe into my mouth and said, "Suck"! I did this very gently but like a man possessed.
I was asked the question once more and this time I chanted "I belong to you Ma’am"! Over and over again and again. She told me that I should remember this because if I didn't she would sell me to a Mistress with ugly feet and I would never ever see her feet again.