Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 5


Dear Mistress Margaron:

Where do I begin!  I've just spent the last two hours perusing the member’s area of your site and you are in deed the mature, elegant Mistress of my dreams.  The combination of elegance and style with pure fetish sex appeal is just overwhelming to the senses.  You look absolutely magnificent in so many of your elegant satin blouses and leather skirts in conjunction with your high heeled shoes and boots - and the leather gloves - it's just all an elegant fetish tour de force.  And you - you are just a most stunningly beautiful and elegant lady in so many of your photos - and then you can look so strict and dominant in sporting a whip, crop or cane, and in thigh boots, rubber and leather - it's just breathtaking - truly. 

I particularly enjoyed some of the other photos of you as Lady Margaron in fur and leather gloves - and as strict Auntie Margie.  And some of your smoking photos are just the most elegant and exciting I have ever seen - such a lady - but such a dominant lady.  And then I have to confess to becoming more than just a bit excited at the one photo set of you in PVC thigh boots, stockings and sporting the large cane - and you were topless - and also with your bottom cheeks showing.  Your body just exudes powerful femininity - all that mature but incredibly beautiful female flesh on display.  I had to struggle to prevent myself from spontaneously erupting.

I have also looked at a few of your videos and find them to be the best of any I have seen on the web - and all because of your presence - your mature, elegant, fetish sex appeal.  And I have to confess to just melting at hearing your voice - so lady-like and even aristocratic in tone - but such undertones of a self-assured, dominant lady.   

And then there's my special weakness - the thing that causes me the most sexual shame (as many men experience) and for which I am so ripe for mental humiliation and corporal punishment - my excessive fondness for mature ladies in girdles with seamed stockings held taught by the suspenders at the bottom hems of their girdles.  I have never encountered another web site where a Dom incorporates all of the usual fetish elements with such elegance and then tops all of that off with so many girdle and stocking photos as well.  

Perhaps I don't have to tell you that it was virtually impossible for me to watch your one smoking slut video of you in the all-in-one girdle, stockings, boots and gloves and smoking - and then you order your smoke slut to "suck my cock" - and as he does so you stand over him so imperiously smoking your More.  This was a fetish dream come true - especially knowing that you are such an elegant lady who looks positively breathtaking in your vintage style outfits, gloves and fur pieces.  And then to see you as the booted, gloved and girdled Dom, strutting about with your phallic device clearly visible about your waist and smoking for your smoke slut - the sexual power your possessed and portrayed at that moment just left me trembling like a randy young man seeing his ultimate sex fantasy in the flesh - well, it was all too much.  I would have turned bright red and cringed with shame had I heard you even utter the word "girdle" at that point.  

You have positively captured me.  I do hope you proceed with your plans to have a more vintage clothing oriented site and that you'll incorporate girdles and other corsetry into the plans.    

Your now most humbled and strident admirer,