Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 9


Fantasy Scenario by sam


Dear Mistress

Consider this. I am working in a traditional shoe shop where i am surrounded by rows and rows of leather, heels and spikes. As I have recently started I have not yet met the manageress (guess who that is) and i'm working mainly with women. In my first week I try my best to keep all the boots tidy and help out where I am needed. However given my needs, I am often distracted when I am working with the most spikiest heeled boots and often find myself rubbing my hands all over them. This is not all most of the women that I work with are in their 40's and 50's and are incredibly beautiful. Their uniform consists of a basic white blouse and black skirt which comes up just above their knees. As a requirement they have to wear hosiery that is either opaque black or navy and preferably heeled shoes. This also becomes a problem as I become towards the staff and often find myself catching a glimpse of my colleagues pulling or simply rubbing their tights. Although the uniform is quite basic, I find it incredibly powerful and sexy and have been caught staring at times. As I am the new one, I think they privately laugh at me for being caught staring at them, and I don’t know if they are teasing but during quieter times often hear colleagues saying ooh my feet are aching and would love to have them massaged. You can imagine what this does to me, as I would love to sit a colleague down on one of the stools and take of their heels and gently massage their hot sticky stockinged feet. While I’m doing this and they see that I am enjoying it, I would love them to ask me to kiss their feet as they are rubbing them all over my face.

As it becomes my turn to go in the stockroom and tidy up, while I am looking helplessly at the strong leather boots I have to sort out, the manageress comes in wearing a similar uniform, but more businesslike and with nicer looking black shiny tights. She asks what I am doing with the heel of a boot near my mouth and I reply that it needed cleaning. She then sternly tells me that she has been watching me stare at my colleagues legs and spending an awful long time on the boots section on the shop floor. She told me it was now time for some training on helping customers into their footwear. She promptly sat down on a chair and crossed her amazingly strong legs. The sight in front of me was incredible, here was my beautiful manageress, sitting down showing off her sexy legs and powerful hosiery clad thighs. I was then told to kneel down in front of the "customer" and ask how I could help them, which I did. My "customer" then told me that she would like to try on......those boots with the fetish heel, which I went and got. I was then told I should carefully remove my customer’s shoes, hold their feet close to me and then help them into their boots. When I took my manageresses shoes off I was met with the most beautiful feet I have seen, and the tights she was wearing was indeed sexy. I then unzipped the boots she wanted to try on and holding her soft legs helped her into them and then zipping them back up again. The manageress was pleased the way I had did this task and joked that I should become her foot slave when she wanted to try on a new range of footwear. She could tell that I went red in the face, and smirked at me a look which clearly meant she was the boss and she could probably force me to become her slave if she wished. Still wearing her boots she said that I should then tell the customer my opinion, all I could offer was that she looked really nice and it went well with her skirt and tights, to which I got a cold hard stare and she said how do you know I am wearing tights, and not stockings. I could not reply and tried to show that I had "seen" that she was wearing tights. She then lifted up a leg and said I should now slowly take off the boots, making sure that the zip or nails did not ladder her tights, "these are my favourites and I love wearing them all the time and I would be angry if they were to become laddered. Slowly I took off the boots and while doing do massaged the legs and feet as the boots came off.

My manageress said she enjoyed that last touch as it took away the sting of wearing those heavy boots. She then commented that I had taken a foot massage course on my CV. nervously I said yes to which she said SHOW ME. I took one foot and began to slowly and soothingly massage it which she enjoyed, but I did too. She did ask if she should take her tights off, as she had been wearing them all day and probably were hot and sweaty, but on the contrary they smelt wonderful and the sensation of massaging soft tights was incredible. Slyly she said, "your enjoying this aren’t you" how could I not I said you’ve got beautiful legs and feet and would love to serve in anyway. She then looked at me pulled her feet away, and began to stroke my hair, she then held me up close to her and whispered "if I ever catch you looking to see if I am wearing tights or stockings,(grabbed the back of my hair and pulled it back and said) I am going to call the girls in here and we are going to tie you up and sit, spank, slap, spit, whip and humiliate you wearing our most spikiest boots and filthiest tights. You will be our slave and your duty will then include licking and kissing our dirty feet and if necessary cleaning the spit off our shoes. I was told I had a choice of leaving or staying as their slave, humiliated I chose to leave and as I was going a colleague came in and pushed me onto the floor next to my manageresses feet, she told my colleague we've got him and laughed cruelly at me. My strong colleague now on top of me, holding me down viciously said "your not going anywhere till you’ve served me" and promptly moved her powerful thighs onto my face and began rubbing them and laughing " I've worn these dirty tights all week to get you to taste them, tell me how good they taste slave." I could barely breathe at this point as my face was covered in hot female sweaty tights. She the leaned back removed a shoe and began to gently slap me with the sole and said if I wanted I could crush you with the heavy leather boots we have got. Your role now will be kneel and massage our feet when we tell you to and fulfill the intimate desires of our manageress.   

With that the manageress threw her shoes off at me and proceeded to rub her feet onto my crotch before moving up onto my neck and face where rubbed her stockinet feet particularly hard and forcing her toes into my mouth. My colleague then took my head and said we aren’t that cruel all the time and on harsh days like this the girls may choose to offer a cuddle to soothe the pain you WILL endure. As my manageress proceed to take me into her soft silky blouse and into her bosom while stroking my hair, I thanked her for her cruelness and for allowing me to stroke her thighs and that I would love to help her into new boots and heels and be responsible for removing and replacing her tights should she wish.

With that I was told to go back onto the shop floor as another colleague was waiting to have her feet stroked and kissed and particularly would like to rub her warm feet up against my face. I was warned not to to stop kissing her feet as she was likely to get angry and kick me hard.

I then proceeded to my next colleague wishes

Your shoe shop slave willing to lick his manageresses beautiful hot stockinet feet