Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 12

I had been secretly training as a sissy maid for some time now under Madame Margi's control. It had all started a year ago, when after years of hiding my sissy yearnings I had decided to pay her a visit. Within weeks, Madame had transformed me. I was under her total control, wearing women's sexy underwear everyday under my business suit. Madame also had my cock completely under her control, texting me messages to order me when to masturbate, how to masturbate, as well as other embarrassing instructions which I had to perform immediately for Her. When I was in Her presence, I would be fully pantie gagged and bound, dressed in a variety of feminine uniforms which Madame chose for me to wear. She would instruct me that I would only be un gagged to perform necessary duties for her; otherwise I was to remain silent. Madame taught me that my tongue and lips would be only there for pleasuring her, and servicing her boots and body. I soon became totally dominated only wishing to please Her at a moments notice... a true sissy slut.

I had been keeping this from my Wife, who I was sure would be shocked and surprised by my secret sissy ways, until one evening........ I arrived home as usual about 7 pm, tired but happy to be home. As I walked through the door, my Wife called me to come upstairs. I wandered into our bedroom, to see my wife standing there dressed in her smart work suit, next to her on the bed was an array of pink frilly feminine clothes and underwear, and a collection of ribbons, straps and silk ropes. "Hello darling , now you don't think I don't know you well enough by now to know that you've secretly been wanting a bit of dominance do you . We women are very intuitive, and I have decided to spice up my life a bit ... by making you my Maid!! “She must have seen the excitement hidden behind my shock, because the next thing I knew she was pulling my jacket and shirt off whilst kissing me passionately. Before long I was naked." Now that's the last kiss you'll get fora while dear, you'll have to earn them from now on. I see that your cock is very excited; we'll have to do something with that! “

I had hoped that we would make passionate love, but instead my Wife pulled out a large pink ribbon.”From now on I control your cock my slut!" and with that she bound my cock and balls with a big fat silky pink ribbon bow! "Now let's get you dressed!" Within minutes I was dressed in pink stockings, suspenders, high heels and frilly pink and white panties. Rounded off with a satin pink maid's dress and pinney."Now for the best bit!" She manacled my ankles with a short chain that was barely enough to allow me to walk, whilst my wrists were manacled in front of me. Finally she pulled out a pair of her used pink knickers and some pink adhesive tape. "These are for after. Now kneel before me. !" My wife then undressed, and then naked, she lay on the bed with her legs over the end, her wet womanhood staring right at me." Come here on your knees slut. From now on you serve me, I decide when you can ejaculate, and you my dear will use your tongue. Now Pleasure me!!"

I must have licked, sucked and kissed her woman hood for over an hour, whilst she came time and time again on my face. Eventually she stood up, took her panties and wiped herself clean. “Open wide slut!" She shoved them into my mouth, and then taped up my lips with the fat panties gag bulging against my lips. I spent the evening serving her wine and chocolates, tottering around on my high heels. My cock, imprisoned and aching to come. At bed time I thought I would at least be able to come, but no. My wife un manacled my wrists, but they were quickly bound behind my back. I was forced onto the bedroom floor and tightly hog tied, re gagged, and left frustrated and helpless “There there dear, you haven't pleased me enough yet, maybe you can masturbate tomorrow!" And with that the light went out ,leaving me to rub my bound imprisoned cock against the silk panties , and groaning into my gag .................. TO BE CONTINUED !!!