Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 1


A Day With Madame Margi - by sarah


It was late in the day when the taxi pulled up in front of Madame's house. The day of shopping for lingerie with my Mistress was now over. It was one of the best days of my life. I think better days are going to follow very soon. I assisted Madame from the taxi, paid the driver as he smerked at me, and carried the days shopping into the house. I took Madame's leather trench coat and hung it in the closet. It smelled devine and fit her oh so nicely. She smoothed her leather skirt, checked her stockings and looked in the mirror to also check her makeup. I thought you can't improve on such beauty. Madame went into her chambers and ordered me to set down the boxes and follow. " I want to inspect you sissysarah, and with that she lifted my short grey pleated schoolgirl uniform skirt. I had changed ito my new panties at the lingerie store. They were silver and had my name on them and the words Property of Madame Margi on them. She lifted them to check my chastised sissy manhood and then bent me over to ensure the butt plug was deep inside my sissy cunt.   As Madame looked over my short sleeved white blouse and straighted my school tie I again thought that I was where I belonged. This Goddess was what I had been seeking my whole life. Hear she stood dress in a soft leather grey business suit. The skirt tight and yet flowing the short cropped jacket high lighted her cleavage. Sissy was proud to be at her beck and call.   I am quite thirsty sissy. Get me a cup of tea and bring my cigarettes to me now. Madame sat in her chair the sound of the leather skirt swishing across her soft stocking encased legs was music to my ears.   I returned with her tea and cigarettes, and knelt down in front of her. I didn't have to be told what to do. I knew instictively like every sissy should that Madame needed a good foot massage. Luckily this is one of my favourite things to do. Gentlely I eased off Madame's footwear. Her feet were sweaty and the smell was something I savoured. I wanted to lick the insides of her shoes and feet, but i knwe that my attention was to be to the massage. Madame seductively puled up her skirt the whole time smiling  at me. She knew that I was hers now forever. I was allowed to unfasten her garters from her stockings and I so slowly eased them down. She put one of her feet into my crotch and played with the hem of my skirt.   I grasped her other delicate foot and began to squeeze out the days aches and pains. I did this for 10 minutes while Madame drank her tea. She then lit a cigarette and blew the smoke into my face. Even though I am a non smoker It did not bother me in the least. I took a very expensive bottle of cream from the table, and warmed it in my hands. Lovingly and with care I began to rub it over Madame's foot. She spoke out ashtray sissy and I took the ash from her cigarette and she gave me another knowing smile. I hoped I was pleasing Madame Margi. I continued with the foot rub, squeezing and rubbing every inch of her foot. I paid attention to each toe making sure i flexed and pulled them to stretch the muscles. The red pedicured nails were also nice to adore. Maybe one day Madame will allow me to suck these toes and worship her feet with my tongue I thought.  I finished with the one foot after 30 minutes and then took her other foot in my hands. She continued to play with my chastised sissyhood, stepping and pulling on it with her now soft creamy foot.   I spent one and a half hours lovingly caring for madame's feet. The look on her face told me that I had done a good job, she seemed at ease and looked very relaxed. She took my face in her hand and caressed it for a few minutes and then she slapped me hard across the face. The shock of it took away the sting, and the feeling of redness. Now sissy she said do you think I was forgetting who was in charge here. Now follow me upstairs, crawl 10 steps behind me with your head down. It is time for you to help me change for our playtime. You will model for me, and try on the new pink uniform I have for you.   Tomorrow you will serve me breakfast in bed, run my bath and assist me in dressing. I have many emails to read so you will do laundry and hand wash my delicates, iron them as well as my satin blouses. You will wear your new pink satin maids uniform, and go to the dry cleaner and pick up my clothes there. It will be punishment for you as everyone stares and points at the sissy they see. When you get home you will make me lunch, and then change into your school uniform. Lessons are from 1-3 and then tea is at 4.  My dinner will be at 7 and you will serve me and my Mistress guest. Perhaps you can amuse us both. You can give her a short version of your foot massage.   You have 12 days left here on your vacation, perhaps you will never leave, perhaps I will transform you into my own personal sissy to serve and obey only me. I knew that is what I was wishing for, would I be able to please madame enough to show that I wanted to be owned by Madame forever or until she would give me to another dominatrix to serve.   It was getting dark and i needed to turn down madame's bed and pick out her negligee for the night. I kept the butt plug in over night and Madame put a leather hood over my face and slipped a ball gag into my mouth. I slept on the floor next to her bed. She did not chain me to it tonight. I knew i wanted to be there.   For My Mistress's Approval and Enjoyment.....sarah