Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 35


Hello Madame

Yes I enjoyed my punishment on Tuesday night, as soon as I entered your house I was overawed by seeing you in that strict looking blouse, black skirt, black seamed nylons and flat shoes. You looked so attractive but stern with your red lipstick and red painted nails, your command of me was such that I was lost for words and just took what was coming.

I was totally overwhelmed and I think you know that.

Fully dressed and ordered to kneel before you with my hands out to receive the belt which was administered hard and accurate with that JD stinging the palms of my hand. The six hard whacks took me right back to my schooldays but this was more severe and humiliating.

You then changed into thos high killer heels which made your stocking legs shapely and even more arousing for me. At that early stage I was shaking and threatened with all sorts of things you wanted to do to me like chain me, whip me, birch me and dress me in ladies pants and stockings. In hindsight I wish you had done that but that is for my next visit.

What followed thereafter totally drained me and made me feel like a worthless creature, being forced to relieve myself, still mostly clothed as punishment for being aroused and staring at your lovely stock clad legs, with my stinging hands I managed to do as ordered.

The punishment administered thereafter was real punishment due to me being drained of my arousal which I had been ordered to do and I was beaten again, the whacks with the real heavy bad boy strap on my hands brought me crying to my knees. AND THEN, ushered into your bedroom, stripped, paddled and strapped hard on my bottom whilst looking down at your black stocking feet as you rained down those blows on my buttocks.

You wanted fun and I was a bit shy and shaking under your control, more punishment followed with the cane back in the original room where I was harshly greeted by you. Bent over the whipping stool I received 6 hard strokes and that was enough, you know how to administer punishment Madame.

Then you sat and talked flashing your legs which had me once again aroused as I was about to leave, I know I tried to touch your suspender belt juts before I left. You threatened to take me back to your bedroom for punishment, maybe you should just have dragged me there and beaten me sensless for that disrepectful act of trying to touch your suspender belt.

On my journey back home on the train I was so shaken, sore and aroused and regretted not staying there for two hours.

Looking at your website I have been a bit naughty and reflecting on my thoughts about Tuesday night and reliving it and also fantasising what I must do the next time and that is to take marks so you are not restricted in doing what you so much enjoy.

Thanks again madame for my punishment,you dealt with me swiftly and reduced me to a quivering wreck in about 15 minutes after I entered your house.

Your respectfully David