Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 6


Hi Gorgeous

Thanks for a spectacular afternoon.

One never knows what one is going to find and to find such a warm funny erotic interesting person as yourself was a true gem.

I knew as soon as I went into your house that I was going to enjoy myself.....and boy did I enjoy it.

Despite having an erection the whole time......I still had the smell of you on my face on my drive back and boy the whole thing started again.

I was going to send you some flowers by way of thanks but then I thought the delivery may have caused some problems if at an inconvenient moment :):).

I think I will have to ration myself or I fear permanent damage may occur. I would love to take you to lunch or dinner one day and we can have a good old chat

Once again cheers and if you ever want to elope the moped back seat is polished and ready