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Dear Madame Margi,

Thank you for yesterday and I am very sorry about the short notice.
As promised I thought I would write a story below of my experience.

I have never visited a Professional Mistress before but was taken with the website of Madame Margi and after a short email exchange I was offered an appointment. It was all set for Tuesday 4pm. I had asked to be Force Feminized as an Office Girl and would enjoy the thought of Public Humiliation. I have never been out dressed and would certainly not be very convincing but it is a desire I have had for many years but have never done it and wonder whether I could actually do it anyway. As part of my initial training I was to go and buy a skirt, blouse, heels, pink panties, bra and suspenders. Being a size 18/20 and shoe size 8 this carried quite an element of public humiliation which I would have to do prior to visiting Madame.
I arrived in Madame’s town on Tuesday but was late. I hadn’t had chance to do any shopping and it was 3.30pm!! I rang Madame and explained the situation. She was understandably not impressed but allowed me another 15minutes to get everything for my visit. When I had got everything I was to leave my car in the shopping centre car park and get a taxi to her house. I was to ring her when in the taxi for the address. I had completed my shopping and summoned a taxi and rang Madame. I don’t know what the taxi driver thought of me asking where I was to ask for Madame on the phone but no doubt he had a good laugh later at my expense. I arrived after a 5minute taxi drive at Madame's house. It was down a quiet road which I was relived at as I knew I had mentioned that I would like to go out in Public. I went to the door shaking like a leaf with my outfit in the bag. I hadn’t been able to get a Pink Suspender belt so I knew I may be in trouble for this so I bought some sheer natural hold ups and hope Madame wouldn’t notice. The door opened and there Madame stood in her beautiful Satin Blouse in cream with a Black Leather Skirt, Black Leather Boots and Black Seamed Stockings. She was a truly beautiful sight. She simply asked whether I had come about the job as her Personal Assistant and I replied nervously saying yes Mistress. I was so nervous I could have just opened the door and ran away but she locked the door and said I had better come up to her office upstairs. I followed her upstairs with my eyes fixed on her seamed stockings and constantly thinking there was no turning back.

I arrived in her office and Madame sat down and asked what I had in the bag. I handed her the pick bra, then the pink panties. She then asked where the Suspender belt was. I nervously told her they didn’t have one so I brought some hold ups. She glared at me as if to say you’re in trouble... I then produced a Black blouse which Madame again didn’t like the look of and then I brought out a Blue Mini Skirt which I think Madame liked the length only. Finally I brought some patent heels which she said were my best purchase and I had a lot to learn. I was then ordered to strip. Before long I was standing there completely naked whilst being looked up and down by Madame. She then took my male clothes and put them in her cupboard and locked the door. She said I wouldn’t need those. My jaw dropped at the thought of what I had let myself in for. I was then handed the panties and bra which I put on. Then the Hold Ups which were very sheer but on my hairy legs weren’t the best idea. Then the blouse and skirt. I was then handed a blond wig which I was ordered to put on which I did. Then on went the shoes. Madame then disappeared only to come back announcing that I was now Michelle her Office Girl and then handed me a lipstick to apply.

I was then allowed to sit for a few questions. I was then ordered to me knees whilst I worshipped her boots and told Madame I would do anything asked of her to please her. She then asked where the car was. I said I left it at the shopping centre and came in a taxi as requested. She replied by saying she thought I had come by train and how was I supposed to drive her around without the car. I apologised and said I would bring it the next time. She looked extremely cross and got up leaving me on my knees and went out her room. 5 minutes later she arrived back saying I had a lot to do to prove to her that I was good enough to serve her and even to get my clothes back!! I was really scared now.

STAND UP Madame ordered. HOLD YOU HAND OUT which I did immediately. She put my car keys and £5 not in my hand and said. THERE IS A TAXI OUTSIDE NOW GO AND FETCH YOUR CAR. I begged her not to make me do that. She started to walk downstairs and said nothing. I followed trying to appeal to her but she said nothing. She opened the door and I was standing on the front step pleading with her. She said I had a choice to go to the car and go home in the clothes and come back tomorrow for them or come straight back and with that she pushed me out and locked the door behind her laughing at me. The Humiliation was unbelievable. I got into the taxi and the taxi driver couldn’t stop laughing. I tried to say it was a dare but he said it didn’t look like a dare. I paid the taxi driver and got out of the car and the shopping centre car park was packed. I ran to the car (which was difficult in heels) my heart was racing I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! I got into the car and drove off. I then realised I couldn’t remember where Madame's house was and started to panic. I had no mobile, no money and didn’t know where to go. By luck the Taxi driver was still on the rank. I pulled up alongside him and asked his help. He shouted to the other taxi drivers on the rank saying ' Hey guys this is him' he then said he would tell me where to go but I had to get out the car. How humiliating. There were several people now looking over. I had no choice so I got out and asked him nicely. He told me I was a brave man and told me where to go.

I got back to Madame Margi's and she opened the door and handed me my clothes, took her wig off my head and said you have passed your first test. You will be contacted for your second interview and she shut the door behind her.....

Second Interview to follow.....