Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 10



Dearest Mistress Madame Margi,

Still WOW. It's been a wonderful warm day with bright sunshine and even the politics of the Middle East have seen sense, but all this has passed me by as I've been in another dimension from everyone else and I can honestly say it's an amazing place.
We both know why I'm here and it's a pity I can't tell anyone how I got here. All I can do it say a big thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you. You were sensational, I honestly don't now how you do it but I'm just so glad you do. You are a natural Mistress and an extremely beautiful one to, I am so lucky.

Again I must apologies for not taking you to dinner and to thank you for seeing me earlier than planned, and to think I nearly cancelled the whole appointment what was I thinking. Next time we will go to dinner and I'll challenge you to a longer session to see if we both can last the distance. Hell I'm shaking just thinking about it, probably because I know you will and I won't.

As you know I'm not a pain slut but I did enjoy the OTK, more for the way you teased me and of course pushed my limits than the pain I felt, but it was just so different to previous experiences, a truly sensual experience for which I thank you dearly.
Why did we ever start thinking of scenarios, all we need is you and me both suitably attired and your first instruction and it's a instant and chain reaction. It's probably just as well it wasn't recorded as I'm sure the pictures would not do justice to the emotion. Or perhaps you may disagree?

Until we meet again sweet dreams

Your subserviently,

Sissy Slut Anthea