Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 3

Cooking for Madame by slave/maid wilma


Dear Madame Margi,

As requested by my Adorable Mistress,I humbly offer my totally worthless attempt to describe a probable account of Wilma preparing a meal for Madame Margi?? Wilma's lovely dream was cut short by the shrill ring of the telephoneat her bed-side! It took just an instant for Wilma to reach for the reciever which was just as well because on the other end Wilma heard the sweet voice of her Most Respected Mistress Madame Margi!

"Maid Wilma waken up and listen carefully to what I am about to say! To-night I am at short notice hosting a SelectDinner Party for some very important friends. Ther will be Four of us in total and I am expecting you to prepare a suitable meal for us,but before that I want the house perfect in preparation,so You have no time to waste ,get round here immediately and get everything ready!" By this time it was beginning to "sink in" to Wilma's mind just exactly what Madame was saying and the enormity of it all was being realised!

" Madame, I had planned to do some errands ------" "Wilma did you hear what I said?" Madame interupted Wilma "Get round here argument!" "Yes Madame right away!" Madame rang off!

Wilma leapt out of bed and threw off her Satin nightdress removed her satin panties and jumped headlong into the shower! After bathing herself scrupulously as Madame would notice anything not correctly done as far as personal hygiene she dried herself and dressed ! As she drove to Madame's gorgeous house she tried to formulate a "worklist" in her mind and also started to think of possible Menus to ask Madame about for the evening meal!

She very soon drove up to Madame's house and parked her car round the back and then rang the door bell. Although it was still comparatively early Madame answered the door dressed immaculately as always in a ful length leather skirt with acrisp white Satin blouse,black seamed stockings and knee high black leather boots. Her make up was flawless not too obvious but subtlely light for the time of day! As always not a hair on Madame's pretty haed was out of place! A vision that truly made up for Wilma's rude awakening less than an hour before! Wilma was always brought into a trance like state when she came face to face with her Beloved Mistress!

"Good Morning maid Wilma!.Do come in!" Wilma followed Madame through to the Sitting room,all the time admiring Madame's slender figure before her and thrilled to the click of Madame's boots on the wooden floor of the Hallway!

" Sit maid! We have much to accomplish to-day or more correctly you have much to do!! I want the house cleaned from top to bottom not a speck of dust must I find when you are finished or else,well you know thw consequences don't you Wilma??" Yes Madame!" said Wilma as her bottom almost reacted to the feel of Madame's cane etc. on it as she would be punished.

" So Wilma we must get you dressed first of all for the housework. Follow me to the dressing room where I have laid out your day time uniform!" There was something that told Wilma that this might not be so atraight forward as Madame was implying! As they entered th dressing room Wilma saw hanging on the clothes rail the varioys bits and pieces for her daytime uniform but also lying on the table were as she had suspected "other" items!

"Strip off ,maid" Wilma hurriedly did as she was told and piled her clothes neatly on one of the other tables! "Come over here maid" said Madame as she sat beside the table with all the "other" items!

"Now get the rest of your uniform on,before I fit the rest of my little devices!" Wilma went over to the rail and examined the items that she hade to wear,a bra with false boobs, black PVC corset, PVC suspender belt and 6 suspenders,black seamed stockings,4" high black court shoes, full length maid's dress with matching apron and a pair of french knickers in black satin, a shoulder-length wig and maid's cap to match dress.

Wilma dressed herself as quickly as she could but before she donned the knickers Madame said "Wilma come here till I tie up your clit for the day", Wilma stood upright while Madame did Her usual efficient job on restraining Wilma's clit and then added a leather restraint with parachute raedy to take whatever weights Madame deemed that Wilma should carry? "Now put on your knickers" she said!

After a detailed inspection Wilma was told to get on with the list of household work that Madame had written down for her. Wilma became very apprehensive when she saw what was expected of her! When Madame announced that She wanted all these done before Lunch Wilma realised she would have to work very fast but also knew she would have to be thorough as well!

Put came the vacuum cleaner and Wilma got started up stairs in the bed rooms botn Madame's and all the guest rooms and corridors etc. She was getting on well when she felt this sudden sharp bursts of tingling pain in her pussy and rememberd about the electric buttplug! " Just thought that I would make sure you are working as hadr as you can Wilma" Madame shouted up-stairs and the intensity grew but as Wilma was gagged she couldn't utter any shouts of pain!

The vaccum went even faster over the floor and Madame realised that the "electrics" had had the desired effect!!

Madame Margi, It has become a long story and in case I lose it all I will send this part 1 and follow it up with successive part(s) as it develops? If You feel it is getting "out of hand" Please tell me to cut it back from now on???

Hope You are not too bored by it all!!!

Your Worshipping slave/maid ,