Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 16


My name is Michael and I am a 6ft 5 submissive from London and I saw your lovely Profile and I thought you might like this poem

Silence is broken by his rapidly beating heart..
he is quickly consumed with anticipation..
he is left standing with limited senses..
As his body glistens as small droplets of sweat form..
his breathing changing to short gasps..
Thoughts begin to flood his mind wondering what is next to come..
All at once that deafening silence is shattered by a quick resounding snap and crack..
That being the cruel firey kiss of his Mistress's whip..
That lashes unmercifully upon the slaves vulnerable flesh..
his body writhes in wicked pleasure against the binds that hold him so firmly..
Whimpers, moans, and purss escape his throat..
Salty tears flow down his flush cheeks..
With an all too familiar pleading in his eyes..
he begs..
Not for Her to stop..
But to continue to feed his constant hunger and cravin