Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 17



I arrived at my Aunty Margi's for my latest visit and was quickly ushered into the front room. This was my first visit in 12 weeks and I was feeling a little nervous. My Aunty Margi was looking particularly strict in ff stockings, high heels, short black satin skirt and a crisp white long sleeved blouse.

“Now then young man I think you need to be taught a lesson today. Not only is it a full 12 weeks since your last visit but I have also received a letter from your mommy and it appears that you have been very naughty indeed. Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m very sorry Aunty” was all I could stammer and I pleaded with her not to be punished.

“Oh you will be punished young man and more severely than ever before.”

My Aunty Margi then went on to read out the letter describing my naughty behaviour. I was so embarrassed. My Aunty Margi then explained how I would be punished.

“Firstly for teasing and laughing at the girls in school I am going to transform you into a pretty little girl and you will feel very humiliated.

Secondly you are to receive 12 well delivered spanks across your hands with my strap. This is for your continued sloppy hand writing.

And thirdly I am going to give you 84 good hard spanks with my heaviest leather paddle right across your bottie for each day since your last visit. You will also be given 12 of the best from my cane. Again this is 1 for each week since your last visit to me.”

If this wasn’t bad enough my Aunty then announced that my spankings would be carried out in full view of her lady friends who would shortly be arriving for tea. I desperately pleaded for forgiveness but this just earned me a good hand spanking across my Aunt’s knee.

With my bottie now a nice rosy red I was taken upstairs and my humiliating transformation began. My Aunty Margi took great pleasure in applying make up followed by putting me in tight white knickers, suspenders and white stockings. Next came the corset which she pulled in so tight I could hardly breathe. The effect was to give me such a girly waist. The final item of clothing and the most embarrassing was a new pink satin micro sissy dress. It looked ever so girly and once on it did little to cover my pretty knickers and tiny willy which was nowhere to be seen. I felt utterly humiliated. Now I knew what my Aunty had done with the money I had sent her at Christmas.

I had little time to contemplate the rest of the afternoon when the ladies arrived. It was so humiliating as I tottered around in high heels and was made to greet them all. For the rest of the afternoon I served tea while my Aunty and her lady friends all had a wonderful time at my expense. I was made to bend over and touch my toes exposing my knickers for their amusement whenever my Aunty commanded. The worst part by far was when I my Aunty Margi announced in front of all the ladies that i was to be spanked. She humiliated me firstly by making explain how I had been such a naughty boy and why I was getting spanked. They all just laughed at me. My face was burning with embarrassment as I was then told to bend over the wooden chair and as i did so my Aunty pulled down my knickers. I was then given 84 expertly delivered spanks with the heavy leather paddle followed by 12 of the best with the cane. All of the ladies found all this very amusing throughout and I finally burst into tears saying how very sorry I was. For the next half hour I was made to stand in the corner while my Aunty and her lady friends enjoyed the rest of their afternoon. I was so deeply humiliated by the whole ordeal.

Your very embarrassed and sore Sissy Josey