Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 7


A review of a session with my mistress Madame Margi – by Slave Trevor – 2nd November 2006


My phone vibrated in my pocket and unbeknown to me my session had started. My mistress, Madame Margi required me to mind her while she had a personal one to one session. I arrived at the right time and was told to follow my mistress up the stairs. She ushered me into her office to watch a video on her personal computer. Then I could use the computer for my own personal use. The new slave arrived. In the next room I could hear Madame Margi whipping him as I browsed fetish sites and had the opportunity to wank. But little did I know that Madame Margi would walk in and catch me wanking over another Mistress! She immediately ordered me to strip and to crawl behind her into her chamber.

I was then ordered to lick and clean her boots with my tongue. She scraped her long red fingernails down my back, which I enjoy. But it made me scream out. Then my mistress stood up and ordered me to move the big black chair in front of the mirror and sit on it. She then tied my ankles, wrists and throat tightly with leather straps before teasing me by stoking my body all over. It made my body tingle. Before leaving me to suffer Madame Margi removed her knickers and put the damp crotch over my nose so that I could smell her scent. Then she left me alone and while she was away it gave me time to think about what was happening. After what seemed like ages I tried to escape from the tight straps on the chair. My Mistress returned to tie my cock up and then took off her boot and rubbed her stocking feet against my cock which rose straight away. When I was released I was then tied with my back to the wall, hands and feet spread wide apart. Mistress then ran her fingers around my face very tenderly and then my body and legs. All the time this was happening I was getting very aroused and the smell of her knickers still in front of my nose was unbearable. Next she put pegs on my nipples and around my balls. I was then blindfolded and left to suffer again a little. To my surprise Mistress came back early. Little did I know she was completely naked apart from her black boots, as she placed an ice cube on me and stroked it all over me, then left me alone again. Madame Margi returned some time later and removed my blindfold to reveal her new outfit of leather riding pants, knee boots and spurs. She rolled one of her spurs all over my naked body and placed a hand over my mouth which made it difficult for me to breathe. She laughed out loud because she was enjoying making me suffer.


I was then released and she moved me to her bondage bench and fastened me down tightly with rope. She kept brushing her leather pants against me all the time. It was pitch dark now in her chamber. Then she picked up a candle and held it over my helpless body before dripping hot wax all over my tender nipples, chest and thighs. She laughed again and calmly sat over my face just as if I was a comfy cushion. I could smell the wonderful strong smell of leather on my face and her strong thighs squeezed my ears. Now I almost feinted with agony and ecstasy. I was then released from bondage and made to wear the pony bit and reign and kneel before my Mistress who wanted to ride on my back. She pulled hard on the reigns and dug her spurs into the side of my thighs and also crop my backside hard. I was exhausted. But she hadn’t finished with me yet. She told me to go to the bathroom and wash and dress and then go outside to start the car. I always obey her commands so did as I was told and not knowing what to expect.


I drove from her house into the dark quiet lanes of the countryside. She told me to park the car and get out. I do as I am told. We were at an empty cricket field surrounded by trees. She told me to bend over the wooden fence and pull down my trousers. It was freezing cold and the moon shone down. Out of her handbag she held a single tailed whip which I hate. It stings and scratches so much. She also had her camera and told me to take photos of her holding the whip beneath a tree before I was to be punished with it. It was very difficult to take photographs in the moonlight but also very exciting. When I bent over to receive my punishment it was like being in a dream. She laughed and laughed at me and whipped me at least 100 times. Then we drove on to a country pub for a well earned drink and talk about what had happened tonight.



It is an honour to serve Madame Margi in any way she wishes. I am hers to do exactly what she wants and this is what she always does.

Loyal Slave Trevor