Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 8


Strict Governess Story


I arrived outside my strict Governess’s chambers at the appointed time and apprehensively walked up Her driveway and rang the front door bell.  After a about a minute I heard footsteps and saw, what even through the frosted glass of the front door, was a magnificent female figure.

The door opened and there was the Governess.  She looked beautiful, her auburn hair set off Her beautiful bespectacled face which was severely made up with blue eyeshadow and dark red lipstick.  She was wearing a purple satin blouse which highlighted her magnificent breasts accentuated by her foundation garment.  Her woolen pleated knee length skirt was held up by a wide leather belt which highlighted her perfect figure.  My eyes came to rest on Her fantastic legs which were encased in light tan fully fashioned nylons.  Her posture was made to look even more dominant by Her four inch Italian stilleto shoes on which She balanced perfectly.  She didn’t say anything but just looked me up and down somberley.

I was brought out of my trance with a curt command of “stop dawdling you fool and get inside”.  I quickly stepped in as commanded, smelling her perfume as I was ushered to the foot of the stairs.  “Take your shoes off, leave them there and follow me” She commanded.

I removed my shoes and meekly followed Her up the stairs transfixed by the view of Her nylons with the seams so perfectly straight; I could hear the sound of her nylons rasping as she moved.

I was ushered in to the play room and told to stand still.  She stood in front of me, arms akimbo and looked at me over Her spectacles.  “So, you’ve been sent to my academy for the correction of naughty boys have you?” She asked.  

 “Yes” I answered.

Her face darkened as She leaned forward and in a raised voice said said “that’s yes Madame you disgusting boy”.  “Sorry Madame” I stuttered back.  “I can see I’m going to have to be extremely firm with you young man” She replied.  All I could do was gulp and avoid her gaze.

“Right” She said “I personally inspect all the boys who come into my acadamy before we start, I have some correspondence to attend to, when I come back you will be naked with your clothes folded neatly over there”.  I tried to protest but She just brushed my protests aside and said that things weren’t looking too good for me as it is, I’d better not make them worse.

The Governess left the room and I undressed to my underpants.  I had a massive erection and didn’t want to get into trouble for it.  After a couple of minutes I heard the approach of Her high heels, the door handle moved and She walked in, filling the room with her presence.

“I told you to strip naked” She said.  “Please Madame” I said, “I’m embarrassed about you seeing my willy”.  “I’ve seen plenty before” She answered “and anyway, do you really think that I’m bothered by those little things that rule you pathetic mens lives?”.

She went and sat on a chair in front of the mirror and ordered me over her knee, “what are you going to do?” I asked nervously.  “never you mind, just do as I tell you” She answered curtly.

I went over to Her and stood by Her side.  She hitched Her skirt up just showing a hint of the dark tops of her stockings.  “Over” She commanded.  I got across Her knee; once I was over I short-sightedlyfollowed the line of Her seams and  looked up Her legs.  I could see the finishing loop of the stockings.  The two tone effect of Her stocking tops against Her thighs fascinated me and yes, I could just see the button of Her white rear suspender tugging taughtly at the stocking and pressing into Her milky thighs.  She unceromonially removed my underpats and started to inspect my bottom.

Suddenly She said “what is that I can feel pressing into my legs?” 

“Nothing Madame” I nervously replied.  She moved her legs and I felt the smooth stretched fabric of her nylons rubbing against my penis, She then slipped Her hand between my legs and under me to feel my erection.

“As I thought” She said “Typical of you pathetic men, you can’t keep that thing under control at all”.  “I’m so sorry” I replied, “I couldn’t help it, it just happened, perhaps if we wait a miniute it will go away”.

“Get up” She said, “I have some jobs that you can help me with, we’ll do that and carry on with your inspection later, but don’t think that you’ve got away with this you naught boy”.

She went over to the high shelf and ordered me to steady the chair whilst She stood on it to get something down.  I steadied the chair and She climbed on, there I was at eye level with Her sexy Italian leather shoes, I looked at the pointed heel of Her stockings and could smell the fabric.  She bent slightly forward causing Her skirt to flare out at the back, I couldn’t resist and and followed the seams up Her skirt to the tops of Her stockings.  I could see all six suspenders and the bottom of Her open bottom white corselette.  Her white panties stretch magnificently over her beautiful bottom.

Suddenly I heard “and what do you think you are doing young man?”  I looked up to see that She had coaught me red handed.  I tried to talk my way out of it and deny it but She just looked at my penis and asked “then why is that thing stood out like a sore thumb?”

She got down from the chair, I threw myself at Her feet and begged forgiveness.

“Kiss the hem of my skirt” She ordered.  I went all around kissing the hem of her pleated skirt whilst she watched me with contempt.

“Now lay on your back” She commanded.  She stood over me, arms akimbo, looking down at me like a magnificent giantess.  “So you like looking up my skirt, well now you can see everything, tell me what youb can see”.

I told her that I could see six suspenders, Her panties, Her girdle and Her stocking tops.

“Lets see” She said, “ six suspenders, plus two stocking tops, plus my girdle, plus a pair of panties makes eleven by my calculations.  We’ll call it twelve for good measure shall we?”

“I don’t understand Madame” I replied,

“Oh its very simple you stupid oaf” She said, that’s the number of spanks I’m about to give you!”

I pleaded for her not to but she just laughed.  She moved over to the chair, hitched Her skirt up revealing her taughtly stretched stocking tops and front suspenders and ordered me across.

I could see myself in the mirror and felt so helpless.  I was made to count each spank and thank Madame for it.

After the spanking I was made to kneel in front of Madame and worship Her shoes.  Whilst doing this Madame told me how She was going to keep me and amuse Herself further with me.  I pleaded for Her to let me go, I said that I would do anything and wouldn’t tell anybody what She had done to me.  “Do think I care?” She said “now get on with grovelling”.

I was made ro remove Madame’s shoes and lay on my back and massage Her feet.  She rubbed Her stockinged feet hard in my face and around my penis.  I looked at Madame’s beautiful face from my prone position and I could also just see a hint of stocking top from this vantage point. My penis stirred as She toyed with it with Her stockinged feet.

“Still can’t control it” She said with dismay.  “Now crawl over there and fetch my punishment shoes like a good doggy” She said mockingly.  I crawled across the floor and put a magnificent pair of black leather six inch stilleto shoe and in my mouth and carried them over to Madame.

“Put the on me” She commanded. I knelt up and placed one delicate foot into the shoe, meantime She amused herself by continuing to toy with my penis with Her other foot.  I put the other shoe on and was then commanded to worship them.

After a couple of minutes I was ordered to kneel up and present Her with a shoe She was wearing before.  She thrust the heel into my mouth and placed the shoe over my face, “stand” She commanded.

I stood up and She caressed my cock.  “Now lets get this nice and stiff for my next little game” She said.  Once my cock was stiff, She placed the back of the shoe over my cock leaving it hanging there.  “This is a test of your endurance” She said obviously enjoying my awkwardness, “I’m going to time how long you can keep it there and for every second short of one minute you will get a spank”

“But that’s impossible” I said” please don’t do this”.  But She just laughed and continued to look at her watch.

I managed 45 seconds before the shoe fell to floor.  I was immediately ordered over Her knee again and given 15 spanks which I had to count and thank for as before.

When She had finished spanking me Madame went over to Her stocking drawer.  She then walked back to where I was kneeling, I could see some suspenders and a pair of flaccid stockings dangling loosely in her hand.

“Put them on” She commanded.  I pleaded not to but to no avail and had to put the suspender belt and stockings on.  I was made to look at myself in the mirror.  “You are now my sissy nylon slut” She said, obviously enjoying my embarrassment at how foolish I looked. “Now remove my blouse and skirt” She commanded. 

With fumbling hands I removed Her blouse and skirt.  I was made to kneel while Madame stood in fron of me dressed in Her white six suspendered corselette, each suspender pulling taughtly at Her stockings.

I was made to straighten Her seams and kiss the full length of each seam then kiss each suspender in turn.

I was then made to lie on my back while Madame stood over me and lowered Herself onto my face and proceeded to queen me.  I was made to pleasure Madame with my tonge which She obviously enjoyed and made me extremely stiff.

Madame then got up and walked over to Her equipment rack and returned with a collar and leash.

“Time for some leash training” She said.  She fitted the collar and leash to me and I was then lead around the room on all fours, struggling to keep up and obey the commands to heel.

This was followed with another over the knee spanking for not being quick enough.

I was then made to lie at Madame’s feet and massage her feet again.  I looked up at Her magnificent body encased in the white girdle and She looked at me and smiled.

“Well Richard” She said as She toyed with my penis with Her stockinged feet “do you think you deserved all that you naughty boy?”

“Yes” I replied

“Does the naughty boy want to cum all over his Mistress’s nice clean nylons?”

“Oh please yes” I begged.

“Then you have my permission to do so” replied Madame

At this I could feel my climax beginning, I looked at Her feet around the purple swollen end of my cock, I followed Her legs up to Her stocking tops and the side suspenders doing their job and holding Her stockings in perfect position.  I followed her white corselette up Her body and saw the pointy outline of the cups filled by Her magnificent breast and then saw Her beautiful face looking at me and smiling.  At this I exploded all over Her feet and ankles and fell back exhausted to floor.

I was then made to remove Her stockings and wipe up my slave slime.  I took the stockings into the bathroom and carefully washed them and hung them on the clothes horse.

Madame was then Her usual friendly self and enquired after me and asked how I enjoyed the session.  I left her chambers totally relaxed and content and trying to work out how soon I might be able to get back for a further training session!