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Dedicated to my Mistress Lying here beneath my Mistress on the floor, I may look up and adore her beauty. She has one bare foot pressed firmly on my chest, And I worship the other with my tongue. She smiles coolly at me, as I search her face For flickers of pleasure, encouragement That my service gives measure, and pleases her. A burst of bright joy, like a shooting star, Blazes briefly within my chest. The delight Of moments, when I feel completely hers, Warms my soul, like home fire in the cold forest, On a winter's night.

She raises her crop and makes me spread my legs. My genitals, hers to take, she has bound Tightly in her restraining yoke of leather And cold steel. She flicks them nonchalantly And presses her toes to my lips, demanding Entrance. I see her smile, and her eyes close, As I take her wondrous toes into my mouth. She sighs, and tenses the muscles in her Thighs as I suck, holding my rapt gaze with hers. She beats a steady rhythm with her crop Throughout, and I cry out sometimes at the pain, But dare not stop my worship for a moment, For fear of causing Mistress to complain.

To my Mistress, domination Comes naturally, like hunting to the lion. A lovely predator, it is her nature To command, be obeyed by, and torment Her adoring pets to her heart's delight. She opens up for us a world of beauty, In which we serve, in sweet proximity, A strong woman who holds us to our duty, And revels in her femininity. merry xmass

At your feet your servant John

Oh Dear Mistress and my Dominatrix,

Have just seen your electric portfolio, I'm in rapture. Please, please torment and torture me. I'm yours.

Can't wait till the 31st.

You are wonderful - and soo exciting

Love - r




Dear Mistress Margi,

I have seen your website on the internet and may I say I find you mature yet very beautiful indeed. I admired your powerful, yet mature body and you look stunning. I was wondering whether you would be able to see me to satisfy some of my fantasies. First of all I am a 49 year old professional man and very very shy. I would like to know how tall you are, mistress.

The fantasies I have in mind is that you would wear extremely high heeled shoes with rubber dress I would like to ask whether you would abuse me , humiliate me and verbally abuse me with face slaps and finally whether I would be allowed to kiss your bottom I hope I have not been too crude

Yours sincerely Peter



I arrived at the secluded house, nervous, apprehensive but excited. Madame Margi opened the door wearing a smart business suit and looking absolutely stunning. What struck me straight away were her heels and stockings. As I followed her up the stairs I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.

We sat in her playroom/dungeon and she immediately put me at ease, casually chatting for 10 minutes or so. Then she produced my questionnaire and proceeded to go through what I had completed, which was quite erotic in itself.

I was then ordered to strip and to kneel before her. Madame Margi then pointed to her shoes and I began to worship. I was extremely aroused and spent a long time on the shoes before being ordered to remove them and commence worship on her stocking clad toes. I was in heaven!

Then the ultimate for a foot fetish, I was told to remove her stockings, which I did very gently, and then made to clean her feet with my tongue, she was already very clean any way but I took to my task. Ideally Madame’s feet would have been sweaty and dirty for me (maybe another session).

This whole procedure took a good 30 minutes. I was later made to lie on my back and hands tied above my head to a chair legs as Madame sat on the chair and teased me with her feet. She took photos of this as she did so, (which you may find in the gallery) I was tied and teased for a long time, all this in a state of constant arousal. Finally Madame lowered herself onto my face as I worshipped her.

I have visited a number of Mistresses over the years but Madame Margi was the most beautiful, sensual, genuine and erotic Domme I have ever met and I shall definitely be revisiting very soon.

slave Allan(footboy)



Not for cp enthusiasts, my 6 of the best are 6 of the most memorable months in my life,6 visits to you & 6 shared words that mean so much to me.First 3 words from you when the door closed behind after I arrived 1st time trembling with fear, "Your safe now" and I was,I've felt safe ever since,2nd 3 words were from me after my 2nd visit,"Trust you Implicitly"and I do even more so now,it's quite daunting entrusting your mind & body to a stranger but you made it an easy decision.

I'd arrived very inexperienced with lots of taboos in the world of bdsm,I'd seen your pics but nothing could have prepared me for the vision of beauty that greeted me,1 by 1 all of my don'ts have become do's accomplished with a quizzical look & a reassuring smile.So,marks out of 10? only 2 I'm afraid,for me of course not you,I'm pretty useless at this so I get 1 point for taking the plunge & 1 more for having the sense to put myself in your oh so capable hands. As for you, 100, you've madthis 10 times better than I could ever have imagined.You really are Individually Quite Unique and the final piece in the jigsaw to make my life complete.

I have it all in perspective now,there will always be a special place for you in my heart and every few weeks,like a Genie,you slip from my heart to make all my wishes come true,by becoming my Sensationally Strict & Sensual, Deliciously Cruel, Stunningly Beautiful, Delectable Dominatrix that can only be Madame Margi!! Told you I would never write a review, so click your fingers and say "Wake" to send me back to the real world, but with your permission, it won't be long before I return to be entranced by your hypnotic gaze & re-enter the world of BDSM double M style.

This has been a rollercoaster ride full of all kinds of emotions and there is no way I want to get off. So I'll still arrive at your door trembling,not with fear,but anticipation of what new heights of eroticism you will take me to. This journey into BDSM has been a magical experience for me, I just want to thank you sincerely for being my Mentor & Guiding Light along the way. You are one very special & oh so rare lady.

Still Spellbound & Forever your novice, Paul



Dear Madame Margi,

This is just to say that I have just visited your website and want to declare that you are a stunning, sexy and utterly beautiful domina. You have such beautiful curves and such lovely legs and such utterly commanding presence. You were designed to be worshipped.

How I'd love to serve you! I can't believe how slimline and sexy those nyloned legs are and your wonderful curves. Some of the shots of you in Rubber are to die for! I love your red-toned hair and elegant beautiful contempt! You are a true Goddess!

Yours in admiration and devotion,



The Night Before


Slave Andy Pandy:

I sit here wondering what will be happening to me at 2 pm on Monday afternoon, when I step through Madame Margi’s front door.

What picture of my Goddess, will I find there?

What is in store for me? Will I be dressed up as a slutty whore, or as I dream made to lick clean Madame Margi thigh boots, what ever I can't wait till then.


Madame replies:


Who knows what I have in store for you this afternoon Andy Pandy? After over 2 years of serving me and polishing my boots almost weekly I have never failed to surprise you have I? Do you remember when I invited you to join in with that very unusual double domination session with Mistress Judi at the very moment slave Trevor was bound helpless on my bench? Then you had 2pairs of thigh boots to polish didn't you? When Judi began her domination career solo I commanded you to visit her for a session alone didn't I my slut? As always you obey everything I ask. You have become my Sissy Slut Maid Cathie in Session, swallowed the ash from my cigarettes, drunk my golden champagne fresh from the spring, let me experiment with lit matches and candles. I have spat on you, slapped you, whipped you, caned you, gagged and hooded you. The very best sessions have been when you wear my rubber gas mask with the tube attached and I blow the smoke of my More's cigarette down it with you securely bound or in suspension and with the electrics machine attached to your cock. Wow what orgasms you have experienced and how you moan in ecstasy don't you my pain slut?

This afternoon at 2:00 p.m. I will be ready for you dressed in wonderful black leather with matching thigh boots and long gothic coat. Beneath my leather outfit I will be wearing some very special new underwear for you to worship!! The rubber gas mask polished and gleaming and my camera already mounted on it's tripod ready to record our very special moments together on video.

See you at 2:00 p.m. my loyal slave Andy Pandy

Your wicked Goddess

Madame Margi




by slave bruno


Hello Majestic Madame Margi,

i just wanted to let YOU know that even though i have never had the pleasure of meeting YOU face to face (and what an honor that would be) i am still captivated by YOU. i fantasize about YOU constantly. YOUR physical stature is all encompassing, YOU project not only beauty, but power and strength.

There would be no question of who was in control. i know that if i were ever to meet YOU the instant i set eyes on YOU my knees would become weak and i would immediately fall to my knees and assume my natural position at YOUR feet.

YOU are the poster child of the perfect dominant.

YOU are perfect in every way from YOUR slender feet to YOUR shapely, silky smooth yet powerfull legs to YOUR beautifully molded ass that beckons my worship up to YOUR magnificent breast, perfectly sculpted works of art with nipples that could pearce the leather that binds them leaving no doubt who is in total control. Symbols of YOUR power and superiority.

YOUR beautiful face and those eyes that can see deep into a mans soul.

YOU are the complete dominant.

Hopelessly addicted bruno