Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 32



Drift away - 2009/01/12 15:36 Wednesday morning and I'm at Madame's black door again. Wow! Madame is wearing a matron's uniform unlike anything you'd find in the National Health Service. A short dress in pale green and white latex is stretched like a second skin over Madame's peerless form.

I am speechless with excitement as I follow Madame, unable to take my eyes from Her endless legs ending in the highest white skyscraper heels imaginable. I quickly undress and don a pair of short bloomers and an apron all in white latex, we are to be a pair; matron and patient ready for latex therapy.

Madame begins with a hard and thorough over Her beautiful knees spanking which the thin latex of my bloomers does nothing to soften. Madame pays particular attention to the tops of my thighs which is really painful!

"Caning next" Madame says and She soon has me dancing to the cruel well placed strokes. I HATE the cane but Madame LOVES the anguish and pain I suffer and I bear it just to see in the mirror Her obvious enjoyment as She paints a red masterpiece of stripes on my derriere.

Madame allows me to lick and kiss the tight second skin straining over Her incomparable shape and we drift away in to a rubbery world of scent and texture. Time stands still as we inhabit a heaven only shared by those who KNOW!

Unfortunately we come down to earth alas all too soon and I have to leave Madame's paradise for the "real world".

Was it really two hours? Was it REAL! I leave in a dream. Soon, soon, make it soon again, Goddess of the latex dreamworld.