Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 13


Hello Mistress Margaron, well after my initial visit and after taking my 1st steps (or should that be strokes ) the corporal punishment session was perfection in severity and duration and I now know in future I can have the limits fully stretched ! I know that I can put my faith and trust in your judgement as to how far I am capable of being taken. I look forward to further opportunities of being severely disciplined by yourself on a regular basis. It is now Mistress Margaron for you to take me in hand and deal with me as you see fit. I would like to request a 2nd visit if this is possible during November. I will count the hours, minutes and seconds until I am in your presence and control again !

yours in pain and gratitude

(yes its still sore !!! and probably will be for some time yet !!!)