Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 43


Dear Strict and Sexy Aunty Margi

Thankyou so much for yet another amazing session with you. We seemed to do so many things and there were a lot of new experiences for me. You looked stunning as always and you really turned heads when you took me out for public humiliation. I was very aware of the stockings and suspenders you had made me wear and i was sure the corset must be visible. Oh those pink frilly knickers you made me buy looked great and you spanked me so hard in them when we returned to your house.

For the first time you introduced me to your strap which when used on my botty really stung.

Oh and the JJD Tawse was wonderfully painful but equally wonderfull was being able to face you as you so expertly adminstered it.


Your Naughty Sissy Josey