Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 5


A Visit To Madame Margi by slutty sarah


I arrived promptly for my appointment with Madame, not daring to be even a second late. Having nervously knocked at Madame’s front door, I was shown into the hall by a curt and unsmiling Madame, who immediately locked the door behind me.

Madame looked as stunning and magnificent as she always does (Madame of course will dress how she pleases). Without any further delay, Madame stuffed a pair of her moist, obviously worn, panties into my mouth, securing them firmly in place with a long strip of bondage tape, wrapped around my head. ‘That should keep a slut like you quiet for a bit’ she said, leading me upstairs to her chamber (Madame could choose any suitable means of leading me up the stairs, for example, by pulling my hair, commanding me to follow her on my knees or using a collar and lead).

On entering Madame’s chambers, I was told to strip naked as Madame had something much more suitable in mind for a sissyslut such as myself. I was then quickly dressed in sheer stockings, panties, bra and short black maid’s dress. Madame fitted a blonde (any colour really) wig to my head and handed me a pair of high-heels to wear. ‘Much better’ said Madame, slowly circling me as I stood, head bowed and humiliated. ‘I hope that you are enjoying my panties. Do they taste nice?’ Madame enquired, stroking the tape over my mouth, before settling into her throne. All I could do was nod my head in silent agreement.

‘Over my knee, now!’ commanded Madame. One arm held me secure across her adorable stocking-clad thighs, while the other drew back my skirt and panties and proceeded to administer a spanking. My squirming was to no avail as Madame’s firm hand repeatedly landed on my bum. All I could do was moan and whimper into my panty gag.

Eventually Madame decided to stop and I was unceremoniously pushed from her lap to land on the floor. ‘Pull your panties up slut and stop flashing’ she smirked. As I struggled to rearrange my underwear, Madame rose from her throne and picked an arm restraint from the wall. ‘Hands behind you’ she commanded and then proceeded to secure my arms and wrists behind my back.

Bound and gagged I was then told to assume my rightful position, on my knees in front of Madame. ‘Its now time for you to begin to worship your Mistress’ she said, removing the tape and panties from my mouth.

‘Start with my shoes’ Madame commanded. I lowered my head and began to kiss her shoes. ‘Lick them clean, especially the soles and heels’. ‘Yes, Madame‘ I grovelled, beginning to slavishly lick her beautiful shoes. As befitted my servile status, I lovingly licked every inch of Madame’s shoes, often struggling to reach the soles and heels, which I willingly took into my mouth to suck.

After what seemed an eternity, Madame seemed satisfied with my efforts. Madame removed one of her shoes and pressed it firmly over my nose, commanding me to ‘Sniff it, slut!’ I inhaled the wonderful aroma of Madame’s shoes, a heady mix of leather, perfume and foot sweat. Madame smiled as she pressed her shoe hard over my nose ‘I hope you are enjoying it‘ she laughed.

Eventually, Madame removed the shoe from my nose and told me to worship her feet. Obediently, I lowered my head and began to hiss and lick her stocking-clad feet.  With no free hands to caress them, I was forced to use my face to show how much I adored her feet, revelling in the taste, smell and soft feel of them. As I sucked her toes, Madame slowly removed her stocking before pushing her bare toes back into my mouth, commanding me to clean them for her.

Madame continued to relax and unwind, settling into her throne as I continued with my lowly task. Madame then removed her bare foot from my face and, pressing the heel of her other shoe into my mouth, commanded me to remove it for her. Having done so, and allowing the shoe to drop to the floor, I had to again sniff the shoe, before being allowed to worship Madame’s other stockinged and eventually bare foot.

After a while, Madame commanded me to stop my adoration of her foot. I was then told to lie on my back and to transfer my attentions to Madame’s magnificent posterior. As I lay on my back, with my still bound arms trapped underneath me, Madame rose from her throne, raised her skirt and settled her pantied bottom onto my waiting face. ‘Enjoy your queening, my face cushion’ Madame said as her bottom began to smother me. ‘Lick, slut’ Madame commanded and I dutifully obeyed, licking at the material pressed firmly over my face.

Madame stayed on my face for what seemed like hours, lifting slightly every now and again to allow me to breathe. ‘You have a very comfy face, my slut’ she said, as she eventually stood up. My freedom was short-lived however. Madame commanded me to rise to my knees, whilst she pulled a tight-fitting dildo hood down over my head. ‘So comfy, in fact, that we are now going to start playing with some of my toys’ she said. The hood was firmly secured in place, leaving a large dildo protruding outwards.  Madame‘s hands pushed me back down to the floor. As I lay there, helpless and submissive, Madame removed her panties and settled herself down on the dildo, again pressing herself down onto my face. However, this time I was instructed to pleasure Madame by lifting my head up and down, slowly at first but increasing in speed as Madame began to also push herself more firmly up and down over my face.

I would bow to Madame’s suggestions as to how this might continue!!