Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 18


House Sitting For Aunty Margi

My Aunty Margi was away in Paris for the weekend and she had kindly allowed me to look after her house until her return. I arrived promptly at my Aunties house on the Thursday morning and received my instructions for the weekend. My Aunty Margi explained that she would be away until the Monday leaving me to look after the house. She laid down some ground rules that were not to be disobeyed or I would face some strict punishment. Specifically I was not allowed to enter her bedroom and I was to sleep in the back room. Additionally she expected me to clean the house from top to bottom and to hand wash her laundry. For the next couple of hours I helped my Aunty pack her bags and finally her taxi arrived and I was on my own in her house. I watched carefully for the taxi to leave and felt a little excited. What could I get up to while my Aunty was away I thought? She would never know would she. I knew that she was due to return on Monday afternoon so I thought to myself why not leave all the washing and cleaning which could easily do on Monday morning and in the meantime I could do whatever I wanted. And so I set about having some fun at my Aunties expense. I couldn’t help myself and just had to sneak into my Aunty Margi's bedroom. I opened the door and hanging on the back were the most wonderfully silky satin purple pyjamas. I just had to try these on. I took off all my clothes and then put them on. They felt so smooth against my skin and especially my teeny weenie little willy which started to stiffen. I proceeded to rub myself through the wonderful satin and within seconds I had made such a mess all inside the front of them. I took them off and added them to the laundry before having a bath.

I spent the rest of the day lazing around and watching TV. In fact I spent the whole of the rest of the weekend just doing nothing and generally playing around. I spent more time in my Aunties bedroom than anything else and tried on all of her lovely lingerie. There was one particular pair of satin knickers with beautiful lace trim which I enjoyed so much that I chose to sleep in them every night. Sunday night finally arrived and I planned to get up early the next morning to clean the house and do all the laundry including the purple pyjamas that I had stained and all before my Aunties return which I knew would be in the afternoon. And so off to sleep I went wearing only the satin knickers. That night I had the most wonderful dreams. Morning arrived and I was still fast asleep when shock horror! I was awoken by the sound of my Aunty Margi's voice. I opened my eyes and there she was standing in the bedroom doorway. She must have come home early much to my surprise. You’re in big trouble young man, she said with a stern look on her face. She went on to explain that she had been home for a couple of hours now and that she was extremely disappointed that I had not followed her instructions. She announced that I was going to be severely punished for my laziness in not having cleaned the house or done the laundry. And for making such a mess of her new pyjamas I would have to suffer the terrible fate of accompanying her while shopping for a new pair, but that’s another story. Get out of that bed at once young man and you had better not be wearing my knickers. I was very nervous and was so humiliated as I drew back the covers exposing that I was indeed wearing knickers. My Aunty was very annoyed as she scolded me and ordered me to bend over her wooden chair which she had placed in the middle of the room. She pulled down my knickers and gave me a good hard Paddling with her heaviest leather paddle. I was so sorry and my botty was on fire. You need to be taught a good hard lesson young man. She then produced a springy cane and announced that she was going to cane me hard and that I had better keep still or she would start all over again. In the end I was in tears and had received a good hard 30 strokes of my Aunties cane. Still in tears my Aunt explained that I would now spend the rest of the day cleaning the house from top to bottom followed by hand washing all of the laundry. She made this task oh so humiliating as I was only allowed to wear the knickers. Even though it was very hard work at least I didn’t have time to sit down on my poor botty which was still aching from my hard caning. What an eventful weekend.

I hope this story is amusing for you Aunty Margi and I hope you find everything in order on your return home from Paris.

Your Naughty Sissy Nephew