Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 7


My Dream by sissy pet satin sissy sarah


Dear Madame Margi

I do so hope you had a wonderful birthday and mini trip. Did you do any shopping or playing. My birthday was on the 2nd of June. I dreamt last night that I came to see you. You answered the door wearing a long leather sleeveless dress. It had an extra long slit up the back to show off your over the knee leather boots. On your arms were the softess black leather opera gloves.

I hurried in and stripped, knelt to the floor and gave you your birthday present. Priot to opening it you placed your collar around my neck and attached a lead. Then I was told to polish your boots with my tongue. Madame then opened her gift and found a new leather paddle with the word sissy carved into it.

You laughed and said it was appropriate because you would combine our ages together and give me the appropriate number of swats with it. You further commented that my butt would be so sore and red that i would be dancing  around and giving you a good show to make you laugh.

i was then taken on my hands and knees and led away to your play room. Here you gave me my present a new pair of white satin sissy panties with the words Property Of Madame Margi embroidered on them. Madame then attached her tens unit to my sissy manhood and secured me to her cross for my spankings. I was to count each one and thank you personally for receiving it. after the first 50 I was squirming in pain and ecstasy, you were bringing me to the edge. I was crying but happy to be there. My purpose was to serve you and suffer for you but above all make you happy.

When I was done Madame turned on the electrical device and I flinched and jumped, twitched and shuddered in further agoney all the while madame smiled and caressed, pinched and tweeked my nipples with her soft leather encased fingers. I was in her total control and she and I both new it. I would do anything for her.

Finally she was done and off came the unit. Madame then bicked up the soft white satin panties and slipped them up my legs. She suddenly stopped and said I have one more present for you Sissy Sarah. She took out a new chastity device from  a box. This is the CB3000 my dear sissy, in pink too a lovely colour for you. I own that pathetic thing down there and you will no longer be able to play with it unless I allow you to for my amusement. you then proceeded to place the device over my shaved sissyhood and locked it in place. The key went around your neck wuth the other chastity keys you held. You pulled up my panties and led me to a bench and secured me.

You then proceeded to stand above my face and lowered yourself onto it so that I could savour the smell of your powerful womanhood encased in black satin panties. You rubbed yourself against me and I felt myself begin to get hard, but that feeling quickly went away when the chastity device bit into my flesh. I heard you laugh and then you began to slap it with your gloved leather hand. After 10 or so minutes I was released and ordered to finish putting on my clothed for the rest of the session. Your maids uniform is in the closet. Put it on and meet me down stairs. I want you to serve me my lunch and a nice cold drink.

This afternoon we will go shopping, and I have some more surprises in store for you. It will make you very happy I am sure. Your life is a bout to take a drastic change for the better my sissypet.