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What Kind Of Fool Am I ? - 2009/01/11 17:46 What Kind Of Fool Am I?

An explanation is required for the first part of the above title, the second will be obviously apparent. Why had I not made contact to arrange this session earlier, probably because it had been just over two weeks since I had ventured south. But as this week approached it was too much of a temptation and the arrangements were made! Starting off with the hand strapping and with Madame Margi choosing the Irish Strap I was asked “do you really think this caused your hands to be bruised last time”? Foolishly I said yes (why I’ll never know). Many strokes later hands reddened but not bruised “The Strict Disciplinarian” picked up the JD Tawse and proved without any shadow of a doubt that it was the JD that had left such (by now) obvious bruising to both palms! The session now progressed onto a lengthy over knee spanking. The spell of caning that then followed was extreme – I don’t know how long the canes had been soaking in water for but on contact they had a much weightier feel as each blow rained down. Now another over the knee spanking that seemed to go on forever!!! The paddling that came next also seemed to be never ending and brutal. While lying over the table 20 (or more) strokes from each of the four straps were administered again proving beyond any doubt that nothing comes close to the pain inflicted by the JD. After another session of caning the Martinet made an appearance, this can certainly inflict some damage mainly due to the wrap round effect making contact with areas that are normally untouched (spectacular ribbons of red!!!!!). The concluding session of caning had to be curtailed due to the damage inflicted once again proving that there truly is only one “Strict Disciplinarian”. I cannot think of a better way to have ended one year and started the new! Here’s hoping for a Spanking New Year!!!!