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The Real Thing - 2007/10/13 00:52

For over forty years I dreamed of, but never imagined, that I could ever meet the true mistress and dominatrix who would genuinely want to posses and lead me. I was happily wrong.

For over forty years I dreamed of, but never truly thought that I would ever genuinely submit, really submit. That it would always be play, that pain would never be real, that I would never, could never flow, under the lash. That I would shy away, play the "get out of jail free card". I was happily wrong.

One night this changed - THE LASH FELL. It hurt, I was stretched to breaking point. But she was there, holding me, hurting me, but soothing me. My mistress was by my side throughout - I couldn't have borne it without her.

We both trusted, she had control, I surrendered and was held close. I'm understood, I'm starting to understand, and know she'll understand even more.

I ache for her, I ache to show my simple thanks. To see her approval.

How I long to kneel.