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Visit to Matron Margaron's Rubber Reformatory - 2009/01/09 20:29 Yesterday was an important day in my Diary! I had an appointment that Madame Margi had made for me to visit Matron Margaron's Rubber Reformatory for treatments.
The appointment was timed for 9.30am so it was up early and showered thoroughly,shaved etc. before doing some shopping and then arriving in good time for this important appointment!
My ring of the doorbell was answered, personally, by this Vision in a light green Latex dress, white patterned stockings and wearing 8" shiny white Platform Shoes, an imposing figure towering above me at around 6ft. 2".
"I am Matron Margaron, please follow me after you close the door". After fumbling with the door closure I turned to follow this mind-blowing Latex Figure down the long corridor. This gave me the chance to feast my eyes on Matron Margaron.
It would be an understatement to say that the sight of Matron striding down the corridor was other than "Perfection in Rubber". It would be safe to say that Matron's Curvaceous Figure "made" the Latex Dress, only a figure like Matron's could produce such an exquisite picture. In other words Matron made the dress NOT the dress making Matron!!
I was shown in to a Private room with a rubber covered bed and rubber sheets etc.. "Please undress and I will be back to interview you shortly" was the stern instruction from the Matron in Rubber!
After fumbling with excitement I finally managed to "undress" and kneel awaiting Matron's return. The anticipation and apprehension was building up so very fast but I didn't have to long to wonder what was about to befall me before the door opened and Matron Margaron returned. "Lie down on the bed while I ask you a few questions" The feeling, the smell of the cool rubber was so inviting so I didn't need to be asked twice and very soon the soft rustling rubber sheets enveloped my naked body!
I do not intend to spoil other patient’s enjoyment of a similar visit so I am not giving all the details of the next 1 hour or so but suffice to say that I have never undergone such a thorough interview followed by an unending series of Medical Procedures and Examinations from a trolley groaning with Equipment of all descriptions. For much of the time I was blindfolded which added so much to the anticipation of "What is going to happen to next?" When not blindfolded I was completely entranced, nay Spellbound, by the imposing sight of Matron leaning over me from all of her 6ft 2" height with a teasing glimpse of Her well rounded breasts showing above the top of her Green Latex Dress. Somehow, although most of the Examinations were painful,
I didn't want these Examinations to finish!!!
"I want to see you back here in 2 weeks time and by then I will have examined all the detail and will prescribe what further treatments you require, OK?" I couldn’t belief that I was actually being asked back to see Matron Margaron, this Latex clad Vision in Her Immaculate Rubber Reformatory! I was just able to stammer out a word of "Thanks" as Matron left the room after telling me to get dressed.
Had it been a dream? NO the hot feeling in my groin testified otherwise! It was "All in All" an unforgettably enjoyable experience. I can't wait till my next appointment with "THE Matron Margaron".
Billy, the Rubber slut.