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Re:Stretching our limits - 2007/09/08 21:25

Dear Mistress

The visit of Billy Your Rubber slut to Your discreet apartment in Edinburgh on Friday was once again an eagerly awaited opportunity to present this "pathetic" slut at Your feet! This sense of occasion has increased each time Bily is fortunate enough to be allowed the absolute privilege of Your presence!

The adrenaline rush experienced by Billy the Rubber slut as Friday approached was the most intense Billy had ever felt and a lot of this stemmed from Your post in this Forum about "Stretching your slaves Limits"! Who else could persuade a slave to give more and more Control to their Mistress other than You? It is this magic Formula of Persuasion,coaxing and rewarding and quietly leading" Your slave on the course of allowing You and ONLY You to take over control of ths slave's mind! We do it so willingly and indeed look forward to the next time that we visit to go "further down the route of Complete Power Exchange" with You the Greatest "Natural" Dominatrix that has been my luck to serve in all my 60+ years in the "Scene",indeed not a "scene" any longer but Life it's self""

Madame Margi on Friday I have never seen You look so stunning,so beautiful ,so relaxed but yet in Complete Control of Billy the Rubber slut! From the time You welcomed Billy with Your natural "disarming" smile wearing the Rubber Goddess Dress of figure hugging Rubber that gives off the hypnotic "smell" of Rubber , gives that unmistakable "swishing" as You stride up the corridor to the "secret chamber" with your slut following awaiting what lies ahead! A True Rubber Goddess with NO equal!! Billy's rubber outfit awaited him and he very quickly became Mistress's absolute Rubber slut ready to accept whatever Mistress had in store!!
An extremely rewarding session with Bondage, CBT Torture and Teasing including Electrics, Vaccuum pump, Pegs etc. produced an undescribable intense session by which time Billy would have walked on "Hot Coals" for his Mistress.
An "interlude" for some well placed strokes with Madame's favourite Tawse start the "stretching" of Billy's Limits!
So with a "well heated" bottom there followed the most erotically charged session of Leg and Foot worship culminating in a True toe and Foot sucking session which for a novice at this particular "fetish" produced feelings never experienced before!!
Madme Margi recognised that after this wonderful close and intimate part of the session that Billy was "ready" to be pushed just that little bit further and the strokes of the cane that followed had the most satisfying feeling for Billy in that he had accepted Madme Margi's punishment with a quiet satisfaction of having just gone that little bit further!!
As so often with Mdame Margi's sessions the whole time was a mixture of Laughter,softly spoken encouagement but yet with a Definite Purpose Planned By Madame that had let Billy further along the road to Complete ownership by Madame Margi!
I have seldom seen Madame Margi look so radiant, so beautiful with her "new " youthful hairstyle but yet so strict without her slave Billy just quite realising it!

Thank You Madame Margi for making this "mature" slave and admirer of Yours enjoy an Unforgettable Experience after all these years! There is no doubt that I am Yours for ever to use as You think fit and to progress a unique Bond that exists between Mistress and slave!!!

An oft repeated cliche has never been so true"" A Goddess in a Million" and she is OUR Mistress!

Billy Your rubber slut,