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April 2011 Review of session in Edinburgh by Slave in Tune

Dear Madame

Here are a few words about our last session as requested

Your Slave in Tune

I was a little late for my last session with Madame, which understandably had angered her. When I arrived at her basement flat, she crossly questioned me as to why I was late. As I stammered my reply, she grabbed me by the lapels, pulling me close while pushing her knee in my crotch and ordered me to the bathroom to strip.

When I presented myself to Madame in the lounge, I was astonished to see what I hadn't properly noticed in the darkness of the entrance hall. For today's session, Madame was wearing a glorious black leather bustier, over black leather hot pants and black leather thigh boots with incredibly high heels. As she sat admiring herself in the mirror, she was stroking her JD strap on her lap, her hands in long black leather gloves. It was a vision which made me pant as I knelt in front of her as commanded and she grasped my head between her knees.

"Is there enough leather for you today?" Madame asked, before ordering me to kneel further away as she rose to her full height and got into position for the first strapping of the session.

Six hard and accurate strokes of the JD were administered without mercy to my eager palms. Then Madame told me to bring over a chair for her and put me over her lap for spanking. I enjoyed watching this in the mirror and was able to stroke her thigh boots as my bottom was reddened.

I was then commanded to lick Madame's boots clean, a task I was more than happy to carry out. Madame was relishing her position of total control over me and told me to lie on my back on the floor, whereupon she ordered me to suck the long, pointed heels of her boots, which heels were then dug into my nipples and used to explore my groin. "What a view you have!" said Madame as I lay looking up over the extent of her thigh boots into her steely eyes. "I want you to remember what you're seeing today."

Madame then rose from her seat and used a riding crop to tease and torment my supine body, before instructing me to kneel and worship her bottom, covered in that lovely, soft, black leather. The aroma was wonderful.
Knowing I am a slut for her strapping, Madame then showed me her Bad Boy strap, three-tailed and thick. After she had let me smell the leather and caress the strap against her leg, she had me kneel again, both palms outstretched, to feel the kiss of several strokes of this strap. I was by now gasping with each stroke, transfixed by Madame's cruel stare as
she steadied herself to deliver the next.

When Madame had decided I had had enough of the Bad Boy strap, she took up her black lambskin flogger and whipped me in front of the mirror, giving me a wonderful view of gleeful grin as I submitted wholly to her. "Oh, how I'd love to cane that bottom," she teased as she examined my reddened behind.

The stunning session came toward its end with more hand-strapping. For this, Madame resorted to her beloved JD and although I cannot remember how many strokes I was given, each was harder and more painful than anything Madame had put me through before. There is really nothing like the feeling of being subservient to a towering woman in black leather, a tawse in her hand, considering how she can make the next stroke even more painful than the last! Madame's look of concentration when she is delivering punishment is a sight to behold as is her look of satisfaction at my cries of pain.
"Oh, I liked that little whimper," Madame commented after one stroke of this set; "Will I get tears from you today?" What a wicked mistress!

The session concluded as it had started, with a few moments of calm, kneeling before Madame as she caressed her JD strap in front of my eyes.

An amazing session, thanks once again to my Leather Queen of the Strap!