Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 11

Forced Feminisation Story by Tina

I had been under Madame's supervision now for over a year. In that time I had been successfully transformed by my Mistress into a fully fledged sissy maid, so much so that I had not other wish than to be feminised under my Mistress' control. Unfortunately, I had only been able to attend Madame on an hour session basis, but all of a sudden I had managed to arrange a full 2 days away from home, which was meant to be for business... but was really for pleasure, Madame's pleasure.

I arrived at Madame's in the morning. My regulation stockings, suspenders, panties and cock restrainer were all present under my clothes. Madame answered the door, with her usual sensual smile, dressed thrillingly in her red PVC mini skirt, thigh length boots and suspenders and stockings.

As usual, my mouth was immediately fully stuffed with her worn red panties, the taste was heavenly, and this was strapped tightly in place with bondage tape. "I have a little surprise for you my slut up stairs ... takes off your silly male clothes ...UPSTAIRS QUICKLY!!” I clambered up the stairs , leaving my business clothes behind , and crawled into her chamber on my knees in my female underwear .Looking up I was astonished to see another sissy in the room , and another mistress ,a blonde Amazon , dressed to the nines in a leather black Basque , stockings and suspenders. "Tina, meet my assistant mistress and the sissy we will be training you with. I have taken you to a certain level of sissification; the next two days will take you much, much further my sissy slut!!!"

The other sissy had already been feminised in a full black maid’s outfit, stockings and suspenders, she had also been panty gagged, and her ankles and wrists had been tightly bound. She was kneeling with head bowed in the humiliation position; bottom up .I was quickly dressed, quite roughly, by Madame's assistant, who smacked my bottom a few times, when I was too slow getting into my pink satin dress and pink wig. As soon as I was dressedboth Madame and her assistant busied themselves binding my ankles and wrists. "Head down and Bottom up slut ...ASSUME YOUR HUMILIATION POSITION!!!" ordered Madame. I quickly did as I was told.

"You two sissy have now been chosen to serve me over the next two days will do what ever I command , and my assistant will help with your training ..Do you understand? “We both looked up and nodded, whilst whining into our gags.” Assistant, pull down their knickers!" Cried Madame. Our knickers were roughly pulled down. "You are firstly to be tested on whom can take the biggest spanking ... the one who takes the least will be given a particularly humiliating task to perform!"

With that, both Madame and her assistant each pulled a leather paddle from the hook on the wall and stood over our bottoms. "Let's commence!!" Shouted Madame... and in unison both Madame and her lovely assistant proceed to spank our girlie buttocks. I started to moan into my gag and squirm against my bondage; I quickly looked at my sissy partner who was equally squealing into her gag and squirming to try to avoid the cruel blows, but to no avail. Our moans and squeals got louder, and I lost count after80 spanks. Suddenly my sissy partner rolled herself over not able to take any more. Tears were streaming from her eyes as she blubbered into her panty gag. "Well I think we have a winner Tina ... you can watch what happens next my slut!!"

With that, the two mistresses, raised the poor blubbering sissy to her feet. "Your Humiliating task will be as follows my sweet "said Madame "You will now perform toilet duty ... myself and my assistant need to relieve ourselves ... you will clean us and the toilet " They then dragged me and the poor sissy to the bathroom . Both of us knelt before the mistresses, whilst they performed their needs. The gag was then removed from my sissy partner’s mouth, and she was forced to use her tongue to clean the mistresses and the toilet. She didn't want to do the toilet bowl, but Madame's assistant forced her head roughly down the toilet and spanked her hard.

We were then dragged back to the chamber. My sissy partner and me were then tied head to toe together on the floor. My face was forced into her crotch, and vice versa. We were left like that for two hours whilst the Mistresses went downstairs. Gagged and helplessly bound, two sissies in distress in total humiliation and susbservience.

The Mistresses reappeared. "Well I think our two sissies are ready to be taken out ... don't you?” asked Madame. "But before we do, lets have some fun with them ... they look so helpless I feel quite turned on, and that means I want some service!!”. Both of us were released from each other, but were rebound wrists behind back, and ankles bound and attached to our wrists, forcing our poor sissy bodies into the kneeling position. "Let’s check their cocks!!" With that our panties were pulled down again. Both of us had massive erections which were cruelly trapped in our leather restrainers.”I thought so, the two sluts must have been rubbing themselves whilst we were out "Both of us cried out our protest as we were horrified by this, but our panty gags denied our protestations.

"You are both filthy little sluts ... your next task will be to use your tongues to pleasure us ... the worst performer will have to then use their tongue for something else less pleasant !!"

What would this possibly be?? be continued!!!!