Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 9


I'd already been mistress's ash tray, now I was suspended in her frame - spread eagled, helpless and gorgeously vulnerable. And it was such fun, Mistress was smiling, so was I. As I'd requested she'd subjected me to her delightful tortures, nipple clamps, pin wheel and tens electrics - all my favourites. My body, tingled with absolute, absolute pleasure as this gorgeous, sexy woman teased and toyed with me; it was such fun being her slave, I was loving every minute.

Then she moved closer, I felt her stocking against my leg, her breast against my chest and she unbuckled my left wrist. I was in heaven, what next; would I once again kneel and be allowed to kiss her stocking hem.

Her speed and force caught me totally by suprise; I was spun round, too confused to speak I just gasped as she lashed my buttocks - two, three, four strokes. It hurt, but when she paused I felt a glow spread through my cheeks.

She held me firmly; I felt her warmth and I drew on her power for support. With honest eyes she looked into mine and very calmly said, "I am a sadist, I've discovered that I enjoy hurting people and I loved hurting you. It arouses me". Her blue eyes twinkled, but there was no sign of compromise.

I just felt so close to this woman, her honesty was overwhelming; I could feel such a strong sense of empathy. A bond was made, a layer removed. What had happened previously was really just play, this was for real.

Her hand stroked my buttocks, she pulled me close and moved herself against me. I felt safe, wanted. I had no words, but I instinctively knew that, yes she would hurt me, but she would never harm me. I wanted to be hurt by her, it went to my very core. I'd become a slave, I was hers to posses and I was aching to be posessed.

I think my eyes must have told her the truth, and she resumed beating her slave. I wimpered and I moaned - she gauged me well. Our journey had just begun, I happily took her hand.

After, as I was on my knees, her hands cradled my head - a softer time, made more precious by what had just gone before. As she soothed me, I felt utter bliss, but couldn't help but see what she had placed on the racks on the walls of her chamber: whips, paddles, tawses and crops; masks, hoods, gags, sleeves with laces - all manner of wonderously wicked, cruel implements. Of bits, of harnesses, of funnels and of a beguiling device of five rings connected by leather.

I know this wonderful woman, mistress and dominatrix to be kind, caring, genuine and perceptive, but the real link, the real essence is when she feels free, empowered to be sadistic. My trust in her is real and sincere.

I know she understands me and I just love to submit to this wonderful mistress as fully as I possibly can. I hope she feels free with me to be both sensuous and sadistic; sadistically sensuous and sensuously sadistic. It's intoxicating, beautiful and just the most amazing relationship to enjoy being in. We've only just begun - I hope.

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