Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 17


Bold & Bald

At the centre of her well-appointed drawing room, commanding, sat Lady Margaron in a wing chair. Confined to a square black mat and facing her, I completely undressed, placing my boy clothes in a large rubbish bag she had given me.

As she savoured a Sobranie inserted in a gold-plated holder, Lady Margaron expertly ran a riding crop over my nakedness. Satisfied that my body was perfectly shaved as she had instructed, Mistress then handed me, one by one, to put on then and there under her steely gaze, silk panties, a bra with forms, an eight-suspender long-leg girdle, and a pair of "barely-there" blackfoot seamed stockings.

"Kneel and bow your head," ordered Mistress firmly. A pair of heavy-duty clippers jolted to life and, in less than a minute, all my hair lay on the mat. "You have pretty eyebrows, suitable for styling, so I will spare them," said Lady Margaron, as she lathered my entire head with thick foam. Deftly, with a straight razor, she shaved all the stubble. I shivered as her red nails ran over my smooth scalp. The girdle compression painfully contained my throbbing arousal.

With both of us standing, Mistress finished dressing me in a white blouse, a tweed pencil-skirt suit, and four-inch black pumps. The final touch: a necklace of pearls and silver droplet earrings.

Reflected in the full-length mirrors of the drawing room walls were two elegantly and identically dressed women: one, bold and supreme; the other, bald and humiliated.

"When I take you on outings, I may allow you to wear a short wig. At the slightest disobedience, however, I will not hesitate to publicly shame you by removing it," threatened Mistress. "Yes, Lady Margaron," was all I could meekly mumble.