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2009 – 10 December Review Scorching Butts

The Correction Centre




To be informed on arrival that this was a visit to the correction centre was a 'pleasant' surprise! It has to be stated that the manner in which this correction began was more akin to facing a 'Judicial'. The Dragon Cane was the surprising/shocking way to be dealt with first. Each of the 50 strokes delivered with full force and supreme accuracy - the vivid red stripes prominent and bruising already starting to appear. Then it was time for the JD to leave its mark. In the hands of Madame Margi the use of the JD is administered so perfectly. A good comparison would be to compare it to a golf swing - an amateur would swing wildly - where as a professional would make it look effortless - need I say more. Knelt down hands outstretched the searing pain was taken to a new level! Hands now numb with pain an over knee spanking was a welcome relief (well sort of). The strapping that followed was also of a most severe nature and added greatly to my discomfort (excellent!!!). It’s always good to get the festive season off to a spectacular and stripey start!

A Happy Christmas to all and here's hoping for a great 2010!

Scorching Butts