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A Plumber's Fantasy - by slut john


Tomorrow I am very busy all day until late evening with three clients. The first one to arrive is my Slut John the plumber who told me it was his big fantasy to arrive at a beautiful ladies home to repair her taps in her bathroom. She invites him in and shows him her bathroom. She is wearing a long black leather coat buttoned up to her neck and high heels (boots or shoes he cannot see her ankles) She has the most amazing blue eyes which seem to look deep into his soul and can read his mind. He is very tall and strong and much younger than she is! He changes the taps with shaking hands. "What can I offer you in payment for such an efficient job?" she asks him. "Come here". She shows him into a bedroom which is in total darkness. Slamming the door shut, she grabs him from behind and gags him with a pair of her worn silk panties and wraps his lower face up with strong black tape! Rips his overall off his naked body. Pushes him onto her bondage bench and secures him with leather straps, cling wrap black tape and very strong rope. Wrapping every bit of him and suspending him by his ankles with his bare buttocks and cock and balls exposed. Then she undoes her leather coat to reveal the most revealing of outfits. A leather topless bra and pants with suspenders and stockings and thigh boots!! Her huge full breasts are bare and on her erect nipples she wears nipple rings!! She struts around the room and smiles. I must repay you my plumber for doing such an efficient job in my bathroom!


Madame Margi Replies....

Now my slave Neil. While you are struggling to keep your cock restrained this evening. I want you to write me the account of what happens next..................

Actually Slut John is coming to fix my bathroom taps tomorrow morning and I have many surprises in store for him!

Madame Margi