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After my e-mail was accepted I was given an appointment to serve. Arriving on time, Madame Margi opened the door and I followed behind up the stairs, my eyes widened at the sight of her long, long legs disappearing up a short leather skirt.

The interview related to my previous experience and also I was informed that Mistress is genuinely dominant----wonderful!! I was then ordered to strip, and told she would return in a few minutes, when Madame Margi returned I was on my knees and my servitude began. I then submitted to her every command. One major reason for my COMPLETE submittance is her smile, it is stunning, when she speaks to you she smiles, and also as you are having clamps on your nipples or you are experiencing CBT, that smile! The pain is all worthwhile.

I won't go further about my servitude as Madame Margi is UNIQUE, different to any Mistress I have served, full of surprises, some hurt, but that smile is like a command. I am now HER devoted slave his was the most wonderful session of my life. I have found the Mistress of my dreams, Madame Margi is absolutely gorgeous.

To appreciate this unique Goddess you have to serve HER.


Slave Alan


Slave Review from Maid Marcia

It wasn't my first time with you, but that's really irrelevant isn't it? Every visit to you is different, exciting and beyond belief.

Because I am a cross dresser, I really do appreciate the beauty and serenity of a powerful woman like you. To be in our presence is to make me dream about what I could become, but I'm a mere male, and how could I hope to achieve a female side to match you.

As the evening approached, you had already planned the session, and decided on my outfit for the role. Black court shoes, nylons, a short black skirt and tight fitting top, jewellery and of course the wig. I was to be your sissy maid for the night. Wow, I just couldn't wait.

You met me at the door in an outfit to die for, I wish I looked half as good, but alas…. You were wearing shoes similar to mine, black seamed stockings, tight black skirt and a wonderful white businesswoman blouse – you looked stunning, and I was terribly jealous. No messing about, after the hello's and other pleasantries, upstairs I went, into the bathroom, got dressed up, and put on my make-up. On emerging from the room you were there, with a wicked grin on your face and an apron and maid's cap in your hand.

Now, I've never been anyone's maid before, and I was a bit scared as to what I was going to have to do. (Dream time – what if you were having friends around for a dinner party and I was going to have to wait on, but alas no.) You sat down in the high-backed chair looking so regal and authoritarian, that I had no choice (even if I'd wanted to) but to serve you in any way you wanted.

`Pour me a glass of wine', came the command and I hastened to obey. With shaking hands, I finally managed it and gave it to you on a tray. I was even forced to curtsey – how humiliating is that? `On your knees', came the next order. I dropped like a stone, (careful not to ladder my nylons of course,) Once in place I was commanded to lick your shoes and suck your heels – bliss!

Slowly kissing and caressing your feet and legs, taking what appeared to take forever, but you seemed quite happy to just sit back and let me get on with it, and I wasn't complaining. Next I had to remove your shoes and kiss, suck and caress your nylon clad feet. I was slowly reaching seventh heaven when much too soon you called it to a stop.

I was pulled over your knees and after a good spanking, was made to drag out your bench and then ordered to lie down on my back. You efficiently commenced to make me completely immobile, with various ropes, belts and shackles, but before binding my testicles, you put a blindfold on me, another first. I was totally helpless now on every sense of the word.

What a feeling, knowing that this beautiful goddess could do whatever she wanted with me, and I could do nothing, I couldn't even watch her to anticipate what was going to happen next. What did happen was totally unexpected, my skirt was pulled up and after a couple of slaps, you walked away, and I was left alone in a world of total helplessness and trepidation in the dark.

It seemed an age before you came back, and you began to systematically slap me again, bringing all my nerve endings and other things, to complete alertness. Every part of my body tingled or smarted, and I longed for more, I nearly begged for more, I was so high. You then alternated this bodily abuse, with caresses, which were oh so soft – I never wanted it to end, but it did. What next I thought, what more could this amazing woman do to me? I soon found out.

This was a day for firsts and here was another, queening. I'd heard about this wonderful activity of course, but now, after having been trapped between your soft and powerful thighs, I became a complete addict, its queening for me now - forever. I only wish that I could have seen your expression whilst you sat on my face, you obviously were enjoying it, or so the sounds led me to believe, and I felt so honoured to be there at your whim and pleasure.

All too soon it was over, and I was into another shock. You'd removed my blind fold, and wow, you had changed outfits, you were now dressed as a nurse, and I fell in love with you all over again. You had become a vision beyond belief and I can still see you in my mind's eye. A tall curvy apparition, dressed in a short white PVC nurse's dress, that clung to your amazing body, and left little to the imagination. It was wonderful.

Thank you for such a fabulous session Madame, and please let me come again. I know you must be having a dinner party sometime!!

Your sissy maid Marcia.



From Slave ajay

I had looked at Madame Margi's websites and yahoo groups for some time, contemplating a session. I was attracted to Madame because of her style of domination - strict and sensual. Even after looking at Madame Margi's photo's I was still not prepared for the vision of beauty, dressed from head to toe in black leather, that greeted me on my first visit to her house. Such a vision of dominance often dreamed about by many but with a warm friendly smile that could melt any heart and bring your defenses to your knees.

Madame soon had me following her like a lamb to the slaughter up the stairs to her playroom. It was well equipped and with subtle lighting, fragrant candles burning away and soothing music to set the mood. Madame had me sit in a chair as she put me at ease, explaining what she expected while slowly walking back and forth in front of me, teasing me with her body and her wicked smile. She seemed to love every minute of it. I was the instructed to strip and be kneeling ready for Madame to return.

Madame had me worship her leather boots and then remove them to worship her dainty stocking clad feet too. (You have such beautiful tiny feet Madame; I could have licked and sucked them clean all day) I was instructed to stand and then bend over. Madame then trapped my head between her silky thighs under her leather skirt but as I was enjoying the moment of bliss I felt the first of several slaps from her leather clad hands against my raised cheeks. The pleasure of having my head trapped between Madame's more than made up for the slaps though, and I would have gladly remained there for more.

After more teasing I was laid out on Madame's bench and tied in place with rope. When I thought it couldn't get any better Madame started to wrap my body in Clingfilm. I have experienced this many times before as I really like tight bondage but I had never been wrapped so tight in my life as this. There was no way I could escape and I couldn't shout for help as Madame had filled my mouth with her panties and secured them in place with her tights and stockings. I was totally at her mercy and loving every minute of it. My whole body was teased and tormented by Madame's sensual touch. My senses were in overdrive as Madame toyed with me, rubbing her body against mine, sitting on my face and forcing me to inhale her womanly scent as my nose was trapped between her cheeks. After winding me up to such a state Madame then left me alone and wanting for more.

When Madame did return she had changed into the sexy see-through black skirt she is seen wearing in her new album. Again I was teased beyond belief by Madame and yet again I was fortunate enough to have my face blessed with Madame's cheeks against it. I couldn't move and I didn't want to, in fact I can still hear Madame taking her pleasure on my face now and I wish I was still strapped down and trapped under her beautiful cheeks now. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain as my cock and balls were tightly bound and being pulled at the same time.

I suppose all good things have to come to an end at some stage and I was eventually released but only to be slapped and caned by Madame. She said that I didn't need to be punished because I had been so good, so I suppose I will have to play up a little next time so I can get more of a beating. The final part was the hardest part, being placed over Madame's silky thighs waiting to be spanked makes it very difficult to control yourself but I am glad to say I did not embarrass myself on this occasion.

All in all it was the most sensually erotic session that I have ever experienced at the hands of a Mistress and I look forward to going back and surrendering myself to Madame for more of her special treatment.



SNAPSHOTS FROM AN ALBUM OF MEMORIES. Chapter 1: Sitting Comfortably The room is dimly lit by flickering candles and the air is heavy with the scent of hot, perfumed wax. I see my reflection in the full length mirror on the wall - four feet in front of me. I'm sitting in a heavy timber high backed chair, bound by my neck, wrists and ankles to it's frame by thick leather straps. My beautiful captor has also tied me tightly with ropes that stretch tautly across my chest, lower arms and calves - I can't move a muscle. My hearing is dulled by the rubber hood that seems to follow the contours of my head exactly and only my eyes and nostrils are unimpaired by it's touch - my mouth is filled by an impossibly large rubber ball gag, an incongruous bright pink against the black rubber of the hood and my jaws are aching from it's tight pressure.

Right now, My genitals are the centre of the world, my balls are bristling with cruel little clips and clothes pegs that sting intolerably and the base of my cock is bound ever so tightly with a thin leather strap, it's as helpless as the rest of my body.

I am unable to turn my head because of the leather restraint around my neck and so can only wonder at the sound of something being taken out of a box beside me and then, Domina Margi walks into my field of view - she's wearing a short leather skirt with fishnet tights, a matching black leather top and long black leather opera gloves - OH MY GOD SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Domina sticks two adhesive pads to either side of my stiff cock and attaches them to wires leading to an ominous looking electrical control pad she has in the palm of her hand. Margi smiles so sweetly at me that I attempt to smile back around that huge ball gag.... and then she turns a dial on her control pad and my cock is filled by sparkling electric shocks. I buck and struggle and scream behind the gag and Domina ...smiles.

By Slave M



Slutty John - second appointment

As Madame Margi enters the room in her black leather jeans white blouse and leather gloves I can’t help but raise my head from the bowed position to look at her beautiful stature stood before me. I am instructed to stand and touch my toes where she then places my head between her leather clad thighs and squeezes tightly. Oh what a feeling to be trapped between her legs as she whips my bottom with her crop.

I am then secured to her bondage chair and a gas mask placed over my head but she was not happy in just having me secured by the leather straps so went about binding me with rope the tighter she pulled it the more aroused I felt the feeling of my arms suddenly becoming immobile really turned me on. I am sure the next time with Margi I will be begging for it to be tighter and tighter. Once she has me secure as she wants, she places the dreaded nipple clamps on my nipples which were still sensitive from the other day’s session, yet she showed no mercy and placed them on again. Pegs were also placed on my balls. Next time I think I will try and count how many she gets on. Cock rings are then placed over my already aroused cock the feeling was great. At one point it felt as if I was going to cum if Madame Margi kept on playing with my cock which I am sure she would not have been happy with and severely punished me. But I managed to compose my self once she started to pull on my nipples and the pain took the focus off my aroused cock.

Once again Madame Margi, I thank you for a lovely session. I am so looking forward to our next session in the near future.

Your happy contented slut John xx


slave paul

Dear Aunt Margi It was a strange session, because I realised that I really fancied you, so I was a bit shy.

I loved the hairbrush. If you put it the photo on your site, which I took, I reckon you will get about 100% more admirers. The people love a hairbrush, and you look so mean, but you are so nice!!!.

I was hoping for a really hard spanking and it never happened, maybe next time? I loved the session, and I loved the hairbrush, the brushing of hair and the spanking, both nice, as was the worshipping of your stockings. I bloody love em.

I wore your stockings to the take away, and they felt great. Just one question, do they wash in 40 degrees? I was in Preston and they were slipping down a bit but who cares? They will give me great pleasure, if you know what I mean!! I was walking around town in them!!

If I soil them, spare the thought of course, and I never mentioned I love to have a stocking w***. If you know what I mean, can I wash them? Really I need to know!!!.

I am sure I have seen you before, but never mind, that’s probably why I was a bit shy. You are gorgeous. Those stockings need to be on every female.

If you ever need a friend to attend a fetish club, or if you know of someone who needs a friend to attend one and they need a partner, please keep me in mind. I really want to be in the scene, but a bit scared of it, but really need to know someone in it and feel comforted about being in it. I was wondering if you meant it when you said you would send me to Judi next time? I would do that if you wanted me to, and next time I will take a proper over the knee spanking. I think I was a bit in awe of you, but need a real good spanking.

I have got the taste again for dominance and will gladly come and see you again within the next month.

Will it be with you and Judi next time?

Regards and love Paul xx


From maw

Dear Madame Margi,

WOW !!!!!!!!!!! PHEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've been home around 90 minutes now.i been able to take of my slightly champagne soaked clothes,had a can of beer and been able to take a leisurely bath,i could feel some of my muscles starting to tighten a bit as i was driving home.i stood infront of the bathroom mirror and looked at my body(not normally a pleasant sight).The branding was visible except for what Judi wrote in blue on my back and my backside still had clear marks from the cane and even a couple of handprints.The marks were still there after the bath.The branding did take a lot of scrubbing to remove,all are gone except for Your mark on my foot. Driving back and even whilst in the bath and still now,the events of today are dashing through my mind.was it for real? did it really last for 4 hours? did i really allow myself to allow You to do those things to me?did i really experience all those different items and gaze at the most amazings sights before me? these are sights and experiences that are going to be with me for a very long time.

FOOT/SHOE/BOOT WORSHIP - speechless.loved the experience of having to kneel before You both and lick Your shoes and boots clean.

CLOTHED BODY WORSHIP - kissing up Your legs to Your stocking tops was got even better when having to lick Your leather skirt.

CLOTHED FACE SITTING - i cant even find the words to describe look up and know what is about to happen really makes your heart move is an amazing sight from where i was.

CP/CANING/FLOGGING - the crop certainly warms the skin up was my first proper time with a cane and it felt wonderful.You seemed to sense how much i could take from everything that You used.the strap was the worst because,like i said to You at the end of the session,i could see in the mirror when every blow was about to land.maybe it hurt more because i was bracing myself for it?

CBT/NT - have to admit i was worried about this.however You still did a brilliant job with what was in front of You.loved having to hold the rope tied around my cock in my mouth.didnt know that removing the clamps from my testicles would be more painful than when You put them on.

WAXING - had never tried this before either.the first thing i could feel was my feet becoming wet from the wax and then was hit by the pain sensation from it.glad i tried it and willing to try it again.just a pity it makes such a mess of Your carpet.

ICE - WOW!! an amazing experience!!You should do that more often to Your victims.first you feel the discomfort then some pain and then numbness.a must the next time i visit.

BLINDFOLD - sharpens up your other senses and keeps things mysterious.

GAGGING - the black harness gag was was the right size and not too hard.was fun trying to rub it against Your's and Judi's knickers.the bit gag was good for the knickers and tape,i think it was just a case of trying to put too much into a small hole.sorry for having to tear it off.

FORCED FEM - very pleasant.didnt take up as much of the session as i thought and i am glad about that.those shoes were brilliant.first time i have worn heels and i loved the experience.the pictures look great.maybe i should paint my toenails for next time?

TRAMPLING - this turned into a wonderful experience.thank You for persuading me into trying image beforehand was of heels being ground into the chest and testicles of wrong could i be?feeling the heel travelling up and down whilst the other was in my mouth was great.the best part though was when You removed Your boots and rubbed Your stockinged feet along my body.was heavenly.i could have stayed there for the whole night if You had wanted to.

OTK SPANKING - well the spanking does exactly what you expect.again the best bit was the part after the spanking when You kept stroking my bottom and gave me a little cuddle.again i would have stayed there as long as You would have wanted me was good to see that You felt so relaxed there too.

TICKLING - even though i initially said no in an e-mail the feather still came feet are that ticklish.other parts of my body are very ticklish.i think You did come across this by accident once or twice.

TEASING - probably works better on a more responsive body that mine.saying that i did love the caresses and touches over my body especially when You stroked my cheek(very reassuring).You did manage to tease some life into my nipples so that You could clamp them.

ROPE BONDAGE - having to hold the rope that was tied to my penis in my mouth was great.the ropes were wonderful that held me down to the bench.

CLINGFILM BONDAGE - this felt so good on my body.not sure how long i could take like this because i can imagine how sweaty it must get.i was sweating after only a few minutes.

HOODING - first time in a gas is a great experience.every breath in and out mists and demists the eye field of vision is limited inside of it.i could hear every single breath louder than ever.i could hear my heart beating faster too.the rubber hood was another wonderful event.the feel and the smell were great.both caused me to sweat pretty quickly though but would love them both again.

SUSPENSION - had no idea what to expect.without it though i wouldnt have experienced the wax and the ice in the same way.i found it to be very comfortable until i was released and at that point my feet got an attack of pins and needles and wouldnt work.

WHIPPING BENCH - must remember not to look in the mirrow the next time i am out on it.

BONDAGE CHAIR - again this did exactly what i kept me strapped to the chair unable to get away from You.

BONDAGE FRAME - without this then how would i have had to endure standing in those heels and holding a rope in my teeth.

SHAVING - kind of like my new look chest.could be hard to explai to people why my chest is less hairy part was seeing how much You enjoyed that part too.thank You for trying it on me.

DILDO HUMILIATION - very pleasurable in a strange way possibly because it seems to make You more powerful.

HUMILIATION/BRANDING - this was fun.when driving home i was thinking about what happens if it doesnt come off first time.or if i got also provided the most painful part of the session with the way You both attacked my feet with the pen.all the marks have come off but i still have a red MM on my right foot.its not the ink thats there,it is the mark from the force of the pen but i am not complaining at all.

i hope this feedback is of some help to You for a future session with me or as to an indication to how other subs may feel.still trying to let all of today's events finally sink in. thank You for a truly amazing experience today.You quickly put me at ease and You were very reassuring all the way through the session and i cant thank You enough for that.Your smile is absolutely amazing and even more amazing how You kept it for 4 hours.also a big thanks for the humour You injected into the session. hope Your trip to Italy goes really well and i cant wait to read all about it and see more pictures. until next time good luck with all Your ideas and projects You have planed.Have fun.Most importantly keep up the excellent work and high standards You have achieve in such a short time.

very submissive regards, a big long lick of Your boots, maw.


Tawsemaker from Scotland

Dear Madame Margi I have now found the time to write and tell you how much I enjoyed our session last Saturday. It was wonderful! I found you to be a very striking, attractive lady with wonderful poise. You were immaculately dressed before, during and after the session, and I particularly liked your leather suit. I probably should have told you what I like in a session before I arrived as it would have made planning easier for you. Normally, for that type of session I can get away with telling you at the start that I do not like gags. However, probably because I play with the same people a lot, I had forgot about a few things that I had tried way in the past, but forgot about. Wax and ice don't really do it for me, and I am not all that keen on blindfolds as I feel I am missing seeing the Mistress who has gone to a lot of trouble over her appearance. I do realise that blindfolds can play an important part in certain bits of a session.

Your playroom was spotlessly clean and I thought the session pictures on the walls were a nice touch. I was pleased that by the end of the session, I had tried out your bondage furniture. I like ladies in seamed stockings and high mules, but I was certainly not disappointed at being allowed to worship your feet and legs in courts. It has been some since I had a sensual session of your standard, so I was delighted when you fastened me to the wall. I have not had a lot of rope bondage, and found it very pleasant to have a mistress who was confident in her knots. The rope felt nice as it kept rubbing past my cock as you went about your business.

My usual sessions tend to be more CP orientated, so this was a very pleasant change. The part where you put my head between your knees before spanking me was very pleasant indeed. The face sitting was awesome! Something I have tried on quite a few occasions, but never with so pleasant a bottom. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I also loved the part where you tied me to the chair and toyed with me using your feet.

You noticed very early in the session that I have very sensitive nipples which give me great pleasure, and you made the most of this. I felt very honored at the body worship that I was allowed to carry out, and hope that it was to your satisfaction. You brought me to an erection on so many occasions.

I hope you like your paddle, and that it gives you years of use on naughty bottoms



sub dennis - second visit

Thank you for another wonderful evening. It is wonderful to be greeted by a very sexy lady, stunningly dressed and led to her playroom. I loved our chat - it relaxes me so. Then it was off with my clothes while you went and prepared. Something different this time. I was left just standing there, completely naked, awaiting your return, feeling very vulnerable. Then you came in, majestic as always and I couldn't take my eyes off you - you looked so wonderful. You dressed me in panties and stockings - which I like - they feel so feminine and I felt so subservient in your presence dressed like that. You allowed me to worship your feet. I loved kissing and licking your shoes and heels and then your legs and feet and then it was back to more shoe polishing with my beard! To really put me in my place you then put me over your knee, pulled down my knickers (I find that action alone extremely erotic) and gave me a hand-spanking. My knickers were then removed.

It was time for a new game. Game? I was fastened to your bench and my legs raised into the air and secured in place. I felt extremely exposed and vulnerable which you knew and exploited. Pretty soon my legs were bound all the way with your new tape and I was taped to the bench as well. The feeling was incredible. It looked as if I was wearing a hobble skirt. Then Madame Margi became Nurse Madame Margi - that nurse's uniform is very sexy Mistress - best nurse I have ever been seen to by !

I had to be a good patient. The TENS unit was attached to my cock - what an absolutely incredible feeling - sometimes nothing then suddenly fast and suddenly slow then more intense - I think I said WOW several times. And you kept playing/toying/teasing my nipples as well. The feelings were so intense and wonderful. I felt I wanted to completely give myself to you Mistress. Then you punished me - the bastinado! - well a very mild form of it and then various things on my bottom. I felt I was a slut and wanted more (thank you Mistress). You lowered yourself onto my face - I nearly "lost it" completely and continued toying and teasing my nipples, my cock and my bottom.

You released me - that tape is wonderful - I felt as if I was wearing a tight skirt. Then more punishment as you went through your complete repertoire of punishment tools - WOW! It was amazing they way they all felt and sounded different. I think my limit would be the light cane, the tawse and those various paddles - I couldn't believe I was asking for more on the paddles. I would endure more for you Mistress - thank you. Then finishing with another over the knee spanking - I am a bit heavy and I always worry about slipping and putting my full weight on you, Mistress - I was concentrating on not letting my feet slide away from under me (nylons on a polished floor) and I didn't realise you were even spanking me at one stage!


sub frank

Dear Madame Margi Thank you for your email. I too enjoyed the session very much. Thank you for the courtesy and friendliness extended to me. It was, without doubt, the most fulfilling session I have taken part in. (I mean this most sincerely)

You are a very sensual and exciting Mistress and it was a privilege to serve you.

I hope that this was the first of many sessions between us.

Enjoy the wine I brought for you.

I remain, your most attentive (and very whipped) slave.

Best regards




From sub dennis

My role, I believe is total subservience, to obey, to be used, abused but most importantly to give pleasure my first visit to a dominatrix and I was very anxious and nervous. I had only ever communicated with Mistress Margi by email before but I had never telephoned her. She had kindly given me her address and phone number in case I got lost. I missed her drive so I needed to telephone her. I nervously keyed the number and Mistress answered me immediately. She sounded so nice and quickly put me at my ease. Mistress gave me concise directions and commanded me to give her a few moments and then approach her door. I did as instructed and nervously approached her door which opened as I approached. I was ushered in and commanded to follow Mistress upstairs. That was an incredible site in its own. I had a full vision of Mistress's body going up the stairs in front of me. How beautiful.

Mistress knew I was a "newbie" or novice to all of this. She took me into her chamber, sat me down and this vision of lovliness sat opposite me - Boss Lady jacket, bodice, black fully fashioned nylons on her gorgeous long legs finished off with black boots and she held a red crop in her hands. We chatted - it seemed forever - but it was probably only for a few minutes and discussed both my history and her history, what I was to expect from this session and most importantly that we were both to enjoy the session and have fun. (I did!!!).

I thank Mistress for my most incredible introduction to sensual domination. Wow - I still have the buzz and I still have not come down from my magnificent time with Mistress. After this most caring introduction Mistress announced that she was going to dress me in ladies panties and nylons for our session - something that I had told her I liked but had never really had the nerve to try out other than a few fumbling attempts in my own privacy. Mistress announced she was going to leave me for a few minutes and commanded me to remove all my clothes and be stripped ready for her return. I stripped and carefully folded my clothes. I was then left for a few moments nervously waiting for Mistress's return. What position does a slave take while waiting for Mistress to return? I decided to kneel. Then I heard Mistress approach and my heart was pounding. Madame Margi came in and said hello to me. She stroked my head, face and chest and pulled me to her. We then searched together through her knicker drawer. Mistress then surprised me by taking off her own knickers and commanded me to put them on. She brought some lovely black hold up stockings for me to put on. She then felt and stroked my legs through her stockings and commanded me to do the same.

Her legs, her basque, her magnificent body and skin, her selection of clothes, allowing me to wear her knickers (wonderful!), dressing me in black stockings, feeling me through them and letting me worship her wonderful body through her stockings .... being gently introduced ... thank you Mistress for taking away my nervousness .... mauling me with her boots and shoes and playing with my nipples (another wonderfully sensitive area) ........ rubbing me with her gloved hands.

Mistress commanded me to touch my toes. She then grabbed my head between her powerful thighs, leant across me and proceded to smack my bottom (I never realised what a turn on that could be) .... Mistress used a tawse on me (that was amazing). Mistress sat in her chair and commanded me to kiss, suck and lick her boots and nylon clad legs - encouraging me all of the time. I had to carefully remove her boots and put her shoes on. I then licked and sucked her shoes and took the heels in my throat. I then was allowed to suck Mistress's toes through her nylons - mmmm, Mistress, heaven. Mistress stroked me with that wonderful little whip and teased me. She introduced me to her whipping bench and securely tied me to it using rope. Mistress tied my c & b up (incredible) and completely immobilised me (Mistress had complete control over me at that point and could have done anything to me - but I felt remarkably safe.) Mistress then introduced me to being "queened" (I lost my self control at that point and completely immersed myself in Mistress and gave myself to her) ....... wonderful, wonderful.

Mistress kept hugging me chatting to me which made me feel part of her and made it all very special. She showed alsorts of equipment that she could use. Sometimes Mistress was on top of me and looking down at me - what a vision (thank goodness I didn't ask her to blindfold me at any point - what I would have missed). Then Mistress rewarded me by allowing me to kiss and worship her beautiful body - Oh thank you Ma'am - I was so emotional at this point I nearly cried - I was totally under ther control of this magnificent Mistress. Mistress kissed me, ever so lovely and tenderly which put me on cloud 11 (never mind cloud 9).

Then Mistress allowed me to kiss and worship her feet and boots and shoes - I really got into that. Then near the end Mistress pulled my knickers off (well hers actually) and began to tease and maul me with her shoes and her stockinged feet! All the time we were talking and chatting away with favourite music playing in the background. Mistress could have done anything with me. All sorts of things flashed through my mind. Mistress intoroduced me to trampling and when Mistress was pressing there I thought how incredibly vulnerable I was and that Mistress was in complete control of me.

Oh Mistress what an incredible evening. Just when I thought the session was over Mistress brought me down gently and I was commanded to take photos of her using her own camera.

This was very special. I never wanted the session to end. It was a beautiful, beautiful evening. How lucky I have been to be introduced to domination by such a lovely caring Mistress. Thank you Mistress your adoring sub dennis