Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 23


Dear Madame Margi The punishment and domination scenario by you lastWednesday night was excellent and I will definitely bemaking a return visit for similar treatment with a fewextras like restraint and whatever you chose to do tome.( Provided of course that you will accept me!!!) I was looking at your websites and you have so manyoutfits all of which appeal to me however the welldressed and business type lady, governess, teacher,military officer or police woman are my fantasies. As I said to you, I have visited a few Mistresses inEngland and Germany and have had intense dominationand discipline sessions where marks are not a problemand enjoy a lot of pain. Unfortunately on Wednesday and probably the next timeI visit you either in April or May marks will be aproblem however hopefully I will eventually be able toenjoy the real pain and canings if I can work it outwhen I am going away on a "boys" holiday. Irresepctive of that you did very well on Wednesdayand certainly made me suffer, it was only yesterdaythat my hands stopped hurting. You certainly know how to use the tawse on my handsand made every stroke count,so many so called domsdon't know how to deliver such punishment to thehands. When I called you a "bitch" it certainly had thedesired effect and I very much enjoyed seeing youangry and shouting at me.  You are a natural dominant who obviously enjoy yourwork added to that you have a great personality andare also an attractive woman. I thought I would spend a little time dedicatingmyself to you by send an appreciative e mail. Hopefully you don't mind me taking this opportunity tomake contact with you Madame, I very much enjoyedWednesday what a excellent introduction to being yoursub!!!  In the meantime fantasising about the next time andstill reflecting the pleasures of being dominated andpunished by you last week. David